My Christmas Lesson

I was reading Money Saving Mom yesterday and I read her post on her broken tea cup.  I was reminded how just yesterday my favorite hot coco cup was accidentally dropped by my husband while he was doing the dishes (isn’t he wonderful!).  When it happened I was so crushed.  I wasn’t angry with him because I knew he didn’t mean to.  But none the less I was so sad.  I had hand picked that cup and it was hand made by a wonderful friend of our family.  My husband knew it meant a lot to me and just after it crashed to the floor shattering in a million pieces he was staring at me, as I stared at the broken pieces fighting back tears, and all he could say was “I am so sorry.”     

I told him it was an accident and not to worry about it.  He continued to till me over and over again that he was so sorry and I spent the next hour or so telling him that it was ok.  I was sad, not mad.  I could never be mad over a thing.  As I read Crystals post I was reminded of myself not to long ago and how that kind of an incident would have made me cry and I would have been genuinely angry.  I can say that being frugal has taught me more then just how to be a better financial planner or how to correctly use my money. It has taught me to value the important things in life.  Not the mortal things and gadgets that we can all get caught up in, but the lasting loving relationships that we can have with our family and our Savior Jesus Christ.

2009 years ago Our savior was born in a humble stable.  Not a lavishly elaborate castle or mansion, but the simplest place he could have been.  He was safe and loved and called to do the greatest work out there.  What a sweet blessing it is for each of us to have that in our lives and to be able to ponder it and our relationship with Him at this time of year.  I hope that as we are starting this new year that we can remember that from Small and Simple Things Great Things Come To Pass and we will be able to live in a small and simple way so we can have that great blessing of financial freedom…such a great thing.  And as we do this I hope that we can remember the great sacrifice our Savior made for us to help us to have Salvation.  Grasp on to that as you struggle and you will always find peace and comfort.

Thank you so much for all your support and love and I am truly grateful for each of you and for my Savior who gives me so much.

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