32 weeks… or am I????

*excuse the horrible picture. I had too have my 6 year old take it as my hubby was at work.*

I wanted to give you a preggo update as it has been a while since I have said anything about it.  If you have been around a while you know that this pregnancy has been anything but normal.  First the question of how far a long I was and then the ultrasound that told me I was exactly as far as I thought I was.

I am officially 32 weeks!  I had a doctors appointment this week and when the doctor measured me he got an amused look on his face.  I knew exactly what that ment.  So I asked him how far I was measuring.  He said your measuring at 38 weeks.  I just started laughing.

We began to talk about the difference and he said I want to order another ultrasound just to be sure the dates are still right and that we weren’t missing anything.  So I will get to see my baby again soon!  I am so excited to have that one as my hubby will get to be there since he is on a break from school.

I am not expecting anything to change.  I am bigger then I was with the other 3 but because I have been nig the whole time I am not expecting it to be any different now.  I am just excited to see my baby again.  We still have no names, so that is our focus these next couple weeks to at least get a list of possible names and try to find one that we agree on.

I am feeling really large and lazy.  I want to not move most of the day but I do it anyways so I can be a good mom.  I have a few busy weeks ahead of me too that include errands, getting baby clothes which I have only a few outfits in each size that came from an AMAZING woman at church who surprised us with a big box of clothing she bought for the baby.  I can only say that we have felt very blessed and grateful for her as the baby would have almost nothing had she not gotten us that box.  I still need a few newborn things just in case the baby is the same size as the others.  and a few more 0-3 and 3-6 months clothes.

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I am excited to get out and look at the thrift stores to find the remaining items that we need!!!!!

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