The Day I Lost 2 Months of My Life

I was pregnant and didn't know it

That was SERIOUSLY me when this happened….

I have had very few doctors appointments with this baby.  Insurance and changing doctors and such has made it so I only have had 2.  This most recent trip to the dr was to my new dr.  I am so happy I changed because this one is way more knowledgeable.    Well I went in to the office and The Dr. started feeling my stomach after we chatted for a bit about my family and past pregnancies.  As he was feeling he asked me how far along I said I was.  I told him “just over 3 months.”  He said, “you are not just 3 months.”  I said “how far along am I?”

What he told me next rocked every plan I have had for the next few months.  He told me I was about 5 months along.  I was totally like “what you talkin’ bout willis?” inside my head.  I said “there is no way…”  He said, “well, when a man and a woman…” I said ” that isn’t what I mean!”  So he said, the other option is twins.  So we went and did an ultrasound.  I was excited because it was the first time I was really going to see my baby.

Sure enough as he looked around, there was only 1.  I am 2 more months along then I thought I was!!!!!  That to me didn’t mean YA!!!!!! that to me was like…. what??  I had so many plans in those 2 months that I now have to squeeze into the rest of the months before the baby comes.  We need clothes, a bouncy seat, nursing supplies…. EVERYTHING!!!!!  I also need to get my daughter out of her crib and into a bog girl bed so we have no issues with jealousy and climbing into the crib.  I had plans to try to get her potty trained too, but I have had to let that one go.

I can honesty say that I am a little shocked.  We don’t know the actual due date yet, I will find out next week and get some pictures for you to see.  I am getting more used to the idea now, but I had almost wished he had told me twins at the time rather then you just lost 2 months of your life.  So over the next couple months I will be doing a big clean out and move around of the 1 bedroom the 4 kids will be sharing.

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Any volunteers to come help me????

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  1. Would love to come and help but I have my hands full with my boys! Just think – 2 months of your life lost, but 2 months of your baby’s life gained! Enjoy.