One of the easiest ways to stretch your dollars is through using frugal recipes.

Anything you make can be a frugal recipe. There will be times when you need to focus your ingredients and use substitutions so you are living on the smallest grocery budget you can. Use your resources you have at home as much as possible so your not wasting your money.

Gardening is a great way to stretch your budget and have resources for healthy recipes. Gardening doesn’t have to be hard or take a lot of space but it can help you to save a ton of money with little effort. That is a wonderful way to save money and still eat healthy meals.

Another great way to save money is by adapted recipes to make them into frugal family recipes. Use substitutions so you don’t have to shop more and so you can use the fresh produce before it goes bad.

Here are some great resources for frugal cooking recipes

The Best Cranberry Orange Bread Recipe I Have ever Tasted

Cranberry orange bread has become an after holiday staple in our home.  It is the perfect combination of bitter and sweet and it is a great change to the usual sweet fruit bread I make.

13 Green Recipes For St Patrick’s Day Foods

We have a tradition in our family that We eat as many green recipes as we can every St. Patricks day!  We love green food and the kids love that as well. I have been on the hunt for some new green food recipes to spice up the meals this year.  And since we are […]

No Bake Snowman Oreos Dipped in White Chocolate

We love Christmas treats!  Especially Oreos dipped in white chocolate.  It is kind of a tradition in our family. My husband’s mom had a tradition every Christmas as well!.  She has a VERY extensive Snowman collection.  I am not just talking 50… we are talking hundreds!  She has enough snowman sweaters alone to wear a […]

12 Ingredient Substitution Tips Frugal Recipes Use

Have you ever been cooking a recipe and realize your out of something you need?  It happens to me ALL the time! Cooking and baking can call for some special ingredients that can add up quickly and do a number on your wallet. But how can you enjoy these recipes without spending a whole lot? […]

Frugal Pumpkin Squares Recipe

It is October and that means it is time to get out your pumpkin and make some yummy recipes with it!  I can’t go through the month with at least making one thing that has pumpkin in it.  These frugal pumpkin squares recipe is one that will become a classic pumpkin recipe in your home. […]

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