3 Tips to Save Money On Lunches

One of the hardest meals to save money on and still have variety is lunch.  It is so easy to just drive to a fast food place and get something quick and easy.  The problem with this is you are paying for convenience and the quickness of everything.  You are also paying for the prep, the store, the workers, the seating area (even if you don’t use it), and many other things.  So you can imagine the cost is significant to what you could be paying.

Here are a few things you can do to bring down the cost of your lunches, whether at home or outside of the home:

  • Prepare all your food at home.  This does take some time, but if you spend one day a week cutting and preparing the lunches then you can have them done and grab them quickly as you leave the house or are getting lunch ready.  You can even prepare things and freeze them if you have a microwave handy at lunch time.
  • Plan your eating out.  This may sound funny, but you can plan into your budget days to eat out.  Have them planned and use coupons if you can find them to bring the cost down.
  • Don’t buy quick fix items at the store, make your own. You can prepare some frozen burritos at home for next to nothing.  They are fast, usually done within an hour, and so much healthier then the quick fix store bought alternative.  These can also be prepared in many different ways to keep your lunches exciting and with variety. There are many other items that can be prepared ahead of time and frozen so they can be fixed quickly.  Try different things and see what works for you.

Doing these simple steps not only make your meals healthier, but they also cut the costs of your lunches to save your hard earned money.

How do you save money on lunches and other meals?

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