How to Can Apples

This week of food storage friday I wanted to show you how to can apples.  I didn’t know until about a week ago that you could can them.  I was amazed to hear that you can can that and a lot of other fruit.  It is best to can them for use in recipes later, but you could eat these plain later if you wanted to.  Here is my apple canning this year!

Start with Apples that have the least amount of bruising you can find.  If you have you picks around you, this is a great place to get them.

Then Peel and cut the apples in slices and put in a mixture of 1/4 cup of lemon juice and 4 cups of water.  this is to help prevent browning of the apples during the cooking process.

After Soaking them put them in a pot with an extra light syrup in the bottom.  the apples will not be covered int he syrup but as the cook the liquid in the apples will come out and make the syrup grow to eventually come to the top of the apples.

Preheat your jars and lid in a pan with some water in it while the apples are cooking.  The apples only need to cook for 5 min.

Then scoop the apples out with a slotted spoon and pack them in the jar.  Then when the apples are a 1/2 inch from the top add the syrup in the jar until the syrup meets the same 1/2 inch line.

Then put the jars into a water bath canner and bring water to a boil.  when is starts to boil, cook for 20 min more.  

Then Put the jars out to cool.  you will hear a pop noise when they have sealed properly.  Then after the cool completely overnight you can put them away and store them without the rings on if you want to.  Be sure to write with a sharpie the date you processed them so you are sure to use them before they go bad.  
Try it out!  it is so easy to do!!!!

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