How to Build a DIY Composting Bin for Home Composting

There are many ways to make a compost pile in your home, but if you want to keep it organized you can use these instructions for a DIY composting bin for home composting.  It is easy to make and doesn’t take much space.  

It is a perfect size for any backyard garden where you want to do home composting to enrich your soil.

How to Build a DIY Composting Bin for Home Composting


Welded Hardware Cloth, Galvanized, 19 Gauge 1/2″ Mesh, 36″ by 10′;

Cost about $23

Two 1×4 boards each 6′ long

Cost about $7

Two 3″ Hook & Eye Gate Clasps

Costs about $3

Total cost of these materials in about $33

You will also need about 20 1-1/2″ wood screws to hold the wood pieces together.


Wear gloves and eye protection.

Cut the two 1×4’s into 3′ lengths.

Roll out the Welded Hardware Cloth (WHC) onto a flat surface.

Attach the 1×4’s to either end of the WHC like a sandwich with the WHC in the middle.

I like to staple the WHC to one 1×4 to hold it in place.

Insert 5 wood screws on each side of the 1×4 sandwich.

Repeat this step at the opposite end of the WHC.

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Install the two hook & eye’s 7″ to 8″ from the top and bottom of the 1×4’s.

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