How To Cut Hair

One of the things that must be done but costs quite a bit each time is hair cuts.  everyone needs them and they really help a person to feel good about themselves.  If you can learn how to cut hair yourself it can completely cut out an expense or help to stretch your money further.

Here are 8 steps to trimming girl’s hair to keep it looking nice so you don’t have to pay to get it styled as often.

  1. get girls hair damp and part in the middle unless they have a natural part.
  2. Part behind the ear and move the hair out of the way
  3. Start in the back with bottom layer first
  4. Trim hair as short as you would like it
  5. Gradually add more hair until you finish the back section and it is all even
  6. Move to one side and get a small piece of hair from the back section to use as a guide for the sides
  7. Continue down side towards the front until side and back are even

Repeat steps 6 and 7 on opposite side until all the hair is even.

Boys haircuts are even easier.  Here is the best way to cut little boy’s hair.

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  1. Start in the back with their head down, chin touching chest.
  2. Invert the “tail” is they have one
  3. If using a buzzer start at the bottom and go straight up off the head.  Don’t follow the head shape around.
  4. if using scissors cut straight across the back.
  5. move to sides and cut straight around towards the front
  6. cut around ears using a comb to keep the scissors away from the ear
  7. Move to the front and work towards the back taking chunks in fingers with palm at the top of your child’s head.
  8. Leave the back a little longer then the front especially around the crown. (the area in the back of the head where the hair looks like it swirls a bit)
  9. cut hair just like how you vacuum.  Start at the bottom and overlap as you move up until yout get the fade and length you want.

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