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My husband and I are not new to having to pay bills, especially since he’s been through law school and now we’re living with debt. Since he’s done with law school, it’s important we take the time to know what bills are due and when. Paying a bill late is not an option, so that’s one reason I created this bills worksheet! Here’s a little more on this worksheet and how it can help your budget.

Bills are probably one of the most stressful parts of living the adult life. It’s hard because you need to make sure you have enough money every month to meet the demands of having bills. It’s best if you can sit down and write down what each bill is, amount owed, when it’s due, and so on. Having all of this information in one place is ideal because then you can make sure every bill is delivered on time.

What if you have a large bill you’re paying on? Well, unless you’re relying on the company to send you a bill every month, you might forget exactly what you paid. Putting this information all down in one spot is one way you can reach financial freedom.

monthly bill tracker photo

I’ve created this monthly bill tracker to hopefully make your bill paying life a little easier. With life and kids in the picture, it can be hard to remember to pay something like a bill. With this monthly bill tracker, you’ll be good to go in the bill department. It includes

  • Bill
  • Amount Owed
  • Date Paid
  • Actual Amount Paid
  • Balance

I’d suggest putting this in a binder to start with. Put it in a place you can go back to every month to check. And don’t forget that one of the main parts of this whole “bill” paying this is to remain consistent.

You can actually view the printable and download it  with this link. Monthly_Bill_Tracker.

Please let me know what you think and if you used this printable (and if it helped you)!

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