I Will Not Forget… In a Different Way

I will not forget

As I looked at my Facebook feed this morning, I saw so many people commenting about how they will never forget how many people died, those men and woman who fought for their lives and the lives of others, and what happened that day.  As I thought about that is kind of made me think about those things.

I wont forget, but it is a little different for me.  I have etched in my mind what happened.  I watched everything.  But this is more personal to me.  The side of the Pentagon that the third plane hit was the door my Dad entered into every morning and left every night for work.  His office was one of the windows that was on the outside of the building.  He was not there at that time, but knowing that I had been there over and over and that my dad had gone into that place everyday made it all the more personal for me.  I have been back to see that place and the memorial.  It is a very peaceful and awe inspiring place.  But this is not what I will not forget.

The thing that stands out to me is what happened after that day.  The days and weeks that followed the attack.  People became so much kinder, so much more loving.  People had a pride in their country that they didn’t have before.  People were willing to love each other, serve each other and help each other, regardless of who they were, where they came from or how they had been treated in the past.  I will never forget that feeling of love and service.

I think if we as a nation had adopted that feeling and love of each other to be more of an everyday thing we would be a lot better off then we are now.  We would All be in a better place.  Every one working for the good of each other.  everyone working together.  I think we see more now then I have ever remembered a separation in the nation.  People are against each other more then ever and it shows everyday more and more.  People are more selfish and hateful.

So on this day I want to ask that you take today to remember how it was after the tragedy happened, remember the feelings and the love.  Then look at your life and see what you can do more of to make your life a bit more serving, giving, or loving.  What small change can you make to share what you do have an show love to those around you?  Even if it is something small to you, it may be a big thing to someone else.

During that time I heard a talk from a church leader that brought so much hope and love to me, I wanted to share it with you

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What can you do to make yours and others lives better and show love for those around you?

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