7 Frugal And Fun Indoor Activities For Kids To Do All Year Long

Summer days can seem to last forever, but they aren’t nearly as long as rainy summer days! Should you find yourself in need of some frugal and fun indoor activities for kids, we have you covered. Take a look below at these 7 frugal and fun indoor activities for kids, perfect for keeping your little ones occupied and free from boredom even on the wettest of summer days!

Are you looking for frugal and fun indoor activities for kids? These easy activities help whether it is too hot or cold to go outside.

7 Frugal And Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

1. Indoor scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get kids active and having fun at the same time. Create a list of items the children need to find around the house, and then set them loose to start checking items off. You can include items such as a rubber band, paper clip, bobby pin, green shoe, a cracker, or any other odds and ends you can think of. The first child to collect the entire list is the winner!

2. Glowing swamp bath

Turn on the bath and pour a glowing swamp bath for the kids to play in. Fill it with warm water and add activated glow sticks (don’t open the glow sticks, just snap and activate them) so the water glows. Add other water toys to make it more fun, like plastic fish, dinosaurs, cups, and spoons.

3. DIY Vegetable stamps

Take assorted vegetables such as celery, potatoes, and carrots. Cut them in half, then dry off the ends with a paper towel. Dip the ends in craft paint or on paint pads and press them to paper. You will be amazed at the variety of shapes they can make!

4. Make a rice sensory bin

Fill an old shoebox or small tub with dried rice. Add measuring cups, spoons, tongs, and other items to manipulate the rice. Kids will love digging in and playing with the rice while building some essential fine motor skills. A plastic tablecloth under the bin can make for some quick clean up as well.

If you are looking for a sensory bin ideas, This fall sensory bin fits in any budget and can be used all your long!

5. Plant a window garden

Buy some small pots, gather some soil, and plant a small window garden. Grass seed is perfect for growing in windows, as are herbs such as parsley and basil. You can even decorate the pots with craft paint if you wish, marking them with the names of the seeds you will be planting.

If you are looking for more garden ideas, Checkout this indoor vegetable garden!

6. Host a fashion show

Get out those old prom dresses, heels, costume jewelry, and makeup. Let kids get all dazzled up and put on a fashion show. You can create a runway by laying scrap paper or sheets on the ground, and don’t forget to add the fun music and announcer! A flashlight or two can even make for a fun spotlight.

7. Try some marble art

Take the bottom of a shirt box and add a few drops of craft paint to the inside. Toss in a marble and let kids move the box back and forth and at different angles to get the ball moving. As it does it will make all sorts of designs! Remove the ball, allow the paint to dry, and display your work of art.

See how fun and frugal it can be to keep kids occupied indoors? Give these tips a try and you are sure to have a fun and eventful summer even on the rainiest (or hottest) of days.

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