Shopping at Thrift Stores For Spring Fashion

Shopping at Thrift Stores For Spring Fashion

Shopping at Thrift Stores For Spring Fashion

Shortly after having my baby I took an hour or so and went out to my favorite thrift store, Savers, and took some pics of items that would make good outfits for the spring.  Most of these items are $5.99 or less so you could easily make a very cute outfit together for $20 head to toe!

I tried to find a couple outfits.  I wont be modeling them because I am currently out of shape, so just picture these on a body… 😉

outfit idea

Outfit #1 – I love, love, loved that white shirt.  It is a converse brand.  I loved the embellishment.  It cost $5.99.  Color is big this season all over your body.  So the colored pants are a must in your closet.  The black shirt has the ruffles which are a definite fashion trend for spring

outfit 2

Outfit #2 – White bottoms go with pretty much every color this season so I would plan on at least having a couple pair.  Either pair of shoes could go with this outfit.  It all depends on the style you want and the occasion you will be wearing it.

I can’t wait to be able to wear some stylish clothes again.  I am working on getting the weight off so hopefully that will be soon.   There are so many cute and modest fashion items out there right now too!  can’t wait to make the hunt for them.

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What items are must haves in your spring wardrobe?

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