Food Prices Are Expected To Rise: Flexability is the Key

Flexibility during rising food prices

Flexibility During Rising Food Prices

There have been a lot of reports of food prices rising.  With the drought causing corn and what to have little to no crop there are going to be huge side effects on the price of many of our items we buy.  Meat and milk are 2 of the higher prices we will see.  As I thought about all things that are made with dairy I realized just how far the price hike will go.

I remembered how we have been stock piling and planning for times like this when we may need to live on what we have an be creative with our cooking.  I am really glad that I know how to cook with beans, especially dried beans so we can use less meat as prices go up.  I also am glad I know how to be flexible.

Being flexible is probably the biggest part of being frugal.  you have to know how to not buy some things and use alternatives you have to be willing to buy some different brands at times to get by.  Sometimes it is easy and other times it is not.  I can’t say we will ever enjoy times like what could be coming int he next year or so, but it will all help us to learn and grow, so do your best to grasp it and try to thrive during that time.

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