How To Save Money on Prom Attire

How To Save Money On Prom Attire

Prom is one thing many high-schoolers look forward to, but the costs associated with it can be higher than their weekend job budget allows. Whether it’s a tux or a ball gown you are after, here are some tips for saving money on your young adult’s formal wear.

How To Save Money on Prom Attire


Rent a tux. It is often much cheaper to rent a tux, especially if you are going to be color-coordinating with your date and you want the newest looks and style. This can run you around $80-$150 depending on the style and “extras” (different ties, shoes etc.) you want. A tux that you buy will cost you hundreds- thousands of dollars.

Borrow a tux. This is obviously the most economical, but it might be hard for you to find someone your size willing to let you borrow.

Go for a suit rather than a tuxedo. You can buy suits as low as $50 for new and even less for used at thrift stores and many times they are in style and just what you need. Just make sure to try it on to make sure it fits and has not been altered.

Go to a wedding expo and get coupons. This may sound goofy, but larger communities have wedding expos in January or February for grooms and brides to be and there are a lot of useful coupons for tux rentals.


Formal Dresses:

Shop at bridal stores. Wait until the wedding sales start happening in February and snag a great deal on a bridesmaid dress. You will probably be able to find one for less than $100 this way.

Shop craigslist. Around this time of year, former prom-goings and bridesmaids start offering their dresses for sale on sites like Craigslist for low prices. I have seen many below $100 and even some very nice ones below $50. Be willing to try the dress on before you buy though so alterations can be made if it is your dream dress.

Pop some tags at a thrift shop. You would be surprised at how quickly people donate their formal dresses to thrift stores and the prices they sell them for. Just make sure to check for stains, holes and tears.

Rent a dress. Just like tuxes, you can rent a formal dress. The price can be cut significantly and only cost you $30-$50. Just do an internet search in your area for places that offer this option.

Shop out of season. Don’t wait until Spring to find that perfect dress. Many formal shops offer great deals just after the Holidays so shopping in January or February may be just what will get you the best deal.

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