Potty Training Tales for Moms of Boys

This post is sponsored Savings.com Potty training is NOT my favorite thing to do as a parent.  It is actually my absolute LEAST favorite thing.  When I started to have kids, I had plans for everything.  I planned their routine during the day, how I would feed them.  I didn’t think about potty training much. […]

Am I Alienating My Child?

My son is almost 8.  He has never seen a marvel movie, he has never seen episode 1,2,or 3 of Star Wars and he is not allowed to watch any shows on Cartoon Network or Sponge Bob.  He also has never seen or heard of skylanders, and we don’t have anything minecraft (gasp!) Am I […]

We Have 2 Bathrooms! Changing Our Morning Routine

Thanks to Cottonelle for sponsoring this post So for the last 3 years, we have been living in a 950 square feet duplex that had one VERY SMALL ally shaped bathroom.  We had 5 of the 6 of us who were using that toilet each morning.  This created a little bit of a lesson in […]

The Quinn Saga: Finally We are Heard!

If you have not read about Quinn’s story, please click through and read it all.  It is important for all moms to know about this! After a couple days of trying to see what our options were, I realized that we had an appointment with the GI doctor coming up.  As I thought about what […]

Upper Lip Tie Fixes: The Quinn Saga

I realized that I never finished the Quinn saga and I am sure you are all wondering how our little man is. After we met with our pediatrician, we were referred to a pediatric ear, nose, and throat dr. It took a couple weeks to get our appointment so in the mean time I read […]

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