8 Fun Thanksgiving Activities To Keep Kids Occupied

Are you expecting children at your table this Thanksgiving season? If so, you might be looking for fun Thanksgiving activities to make their dining experience a little more fun.

These fun Thanksgiving activities will help keep your kids occupied while you make dinner or while you eat! Includes fun Thanksgiving activities and crafts made with paper, glue,jars, ribbon, silk flowers, pumpkins, mini gourds and other fall themed items.

Making your Thanksgiving feast child-friendly doesn’t have to be time or budget consuming. Instead, just give these fun Thanksgiving activities a try. Below you will find 8 fun Thanksgiving activities to make your feast fun for kids so they too can have a memorable holiday.

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Get More Holiday Savings With This Free Holiday Budget Printable

When I was young, my parents didn’t talk with us much about holiday savings plans or budgets.  But we were always blessed with a good Christmas and everything we needed, provided to us entirely.

Free holiday savings printable to help you make a holiday budget. Learn to save money for the holiday's and get some holiday gift ideas for your kids!

I can’t believe how quickly holidays are coming up!  I want to give my kids what they need, and a little and not give them a huge lavish Christmas.  I am working on our holiday savings plan so I can save as much as possible since we are working on paying off our debt, while we are still giving our kids a good Christmas.  We don’t have a ton to spend ad break our holiday budget, so we are doing a lot of planning.

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8 Frugal Thanksgiving Decorations to Make At Home

Are you looking to add a little holiday color to your home or some charm to your Thanksgiving table? And are you working on a limited budget? If so, it is time to get creative yet make that table really pop. These 8 Thanksgiving decorations to make at home will get it looking great without spending a ton of dough.

These 8 frugal thanksgiving decorations to make at home will give you quick and fun decorations for the thanksgiving holiday.

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Using a Meal Plan to Save Money On Groceries

There are many ways to save money on groceries. This is a step by step guide to make a meal plan so you can save money on groceries and make the plan work for you.

The first step to save money on groceries is having a plan.  Without a plan, nothing works as well, and you end up spending more than you want to.

When I started meal planning I had been married about four months and I had never done it or known anyone that did it.  I was running out of ideas for dinner, and my husband was getting tired of chicken and rice or chicken and broccoli! A friend of mine suggested I make a mist of meals and find some new recipes to try.  This list was my first meal plan.

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Beef Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe

These quick and easy beef stuffed bell peppers make a great weeknight dinner for any size family, very healthy and simple to make. Everyone loves them!

I LOVE ground beef stuffed bell peppers.  I didn’t know I loved them until a couple years ago when I decided I needed to try some new things, and my mom had a recipe for them.  I love how you don’t just have to have stuffed bell peppers with ground beef and rice, though.  There are many varieties of stuffed green bell peppers you can try.

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