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So a few weeks ago I mentioned that we were moving.  Well, these last few weeks have been crazier then I had ever thought they would have been.  I have been trying to get packed while still homeschool.  Tried to cook dinner and use up food without the basic dishes we already packed.  Cleaning up messes from the kids and trying to pack has been the hardest thing I have ever done.

So I have had to let some things fall by the way side.  The blog being one of them which isn’t the best thing, but it had to give until I could get myself back on track.  We Move Saturday.  So please forgive me for my absence and know that it isn’t permanent.  I will be back as soon as I can.  Hopefully for the couple weeks we are between houses I will be able to get some thing done and get myself better planned out for this next little bit.  But until then I will be posting when I can with the promise that I will be back for good as soon as we are settled.  Thank you for understanding and thanks for all your support of the site!  I appreciate your comments and your friendship as we are on this frugal journey!


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Neat: Vegan Meat Substitute Review And Giveaway

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While I was at the Natural Products Expo a couple weeks ago.  I met a few people with this amazing new product called Neat.  They offered me a taste of their mexican flavor on a chip.  I was thinking it was taco meat so I jumped on it because if you know me, you know that I am a mexican food lover.  I took one bite and was sold.  I then realized it wasn’t meat at all.  It was a vegan meat substitute.  I grabbed the bag and looked at it and was so surprised to see it was made of chick peas and pecans!

Neat Foods Giveaway

Crazy hu?  I am always on the look out for non meat items that have protein and are healthy.  So I asked them all I could about it.  I have a very picky eater who only likes taco meat and “nugits” (as she says) and refuses anything else. I immediately thought of her and I wondered if she would even taste it. So I asked my wonderful new, bright, intelligent (I am not sucking up!!!!)  friends if I could take some of there product home to try with her.

They said yes!!!

I cooked it up for dinner for her a couple nights ago and she gobbled that stuff up!  We actually didn’t have enough for her.  she just kept wanting to eat more.  Now, as a mom, anything that is healthy that my kids gobble up is a win in my book, but the fact that she loved it as much as she did really put it over the top for me.

Because I am now in love with this product, no really in love, I wanted to let one lucky reader try it and fall in love too.  So one lucky winner will get a 3 pack of neat, with one mexican, one italian and one original.  I promise you will want to get more as soon as you can get your hands on it.(and as a little secret for you, they just came out with their 4th flavor, Maple, for the breakfast crowd.  I was able to try that too and it was SO good.  I am waiting patiently for it to hit the shelves so I can buy all they have… ;) )

To get your hands on some Neat, enter below and be sure you come back and do the daily items everyday so you have the best chance to win this wonderful new product!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you don’t want to wait to win some Neat, you can also buy it from the eat Neat website or on Amazon

You can also find out more about the product on their facebook, twitter, and pinterest pages.


So, I looked….

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Debt Payment Plan

I shouldn’t have done it, but I did.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review And Activity Sheets

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Captain America

I asked my husband to write this review because well, lets be real, this movie is SO his kind of movie and SO not mine.  I watch them though because it is something he loves.  I thought the movie was ok, but I knew he would do the movie justice better then me.  So here he is…

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$45 in Natural and Organic Product Coupons Giveaway!!!

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natural product coupon giveaway

While I was at the natural products expo I was able to taste and try a TON of new products.  I can honestly say I am sold on some of them and they will be part of our home from now on.  But as a bonus as I was walking around I was able to collect a ton of coupons for all different natural products.  I don’t want to keep all the fun to myself, so I thought I would give away most of them to one lucky reader!!!!

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