How to Create an Indoor Vegetable Garden


make an indoor vegetable garden with these 4 simple tips

Have you ever wanted to create an indoor vegetable garden? I had never heard about this until I saw someone making one.  I think this is a great idea if you live in a small space or a place with no outdoor space.

If you don’t have a lot of space outside be sure to check this out so you can create an indoor vegetable garden. It is a great way to save money on food and a great way to be healthy too!  Many people who have small spaces wonder if they’ll be successful in planting an indoor veggie garden.

Here are some tips to remember so you get the results you would like.

How to create an indoor vegetable garden

Have a Plan in Place

Unlike growing a garden outdoors, you will need a specific plan in place for growing an indoor garden. Nothing too sophisticated, but you will need to know where you’re going to place each veggie indoors. You may also want to consider placement of the plants if you have pets or children.

Sunlight is So Important

Wherever you plan on placing your vegetable garden indoors, keep in mind that your plants will need plenty of sunlight. Try to place indoor plants by the windows to help ensure they get plenty of sunlight because this will help them grow.

Water the Plants

Garden experts say to water the vegetable plants from the bottom up. This means placing something underneath the plant and allowing the water to be absorbed the holes on the bottom of the pot.

Temperature Must Be Just Right

Plants cannot regulate their temperature, which means you will need to ensure the vegetable plants are not too cold or too hot. You can help this by not placing the vegetables by registers that are letting out cold air or warm air. Plants should be kept in a temp that is just right!

What are some tips you have for creating an indoor vegetable garden?

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5 Things You Should Buy so You Can Save Later

Buy these 5 things now so you can save hundreds later!

Saving money isn’t always about saving.  Sometimes you have to spend money to save it.  This was a hard concept for me to understand for a while.  I am not a spender.  My husband struggled to get me to spend money even when it was needed.  I am a saver and I hate spending money, but he is helping me to understand why it can be important sometimes.

There are a few things that you will want to spend money on as an investment so that you will save later.  Some of these things could be a bit more expensive at first, but they save you so much more than you spend so it is worth it.

5 things to spend money on so you save money later

  1. Water Heater Blanket – Most cost around $50 at your local hardware store.  Install it yourself and that is it!  It helps your water heater to hold the heat in so it doesn’t run as much.  This is especially important if your water heater is outside.
  2. Water Saving Shower Heads and Toilet – cost will depend on how many of these you have in your home, but the pay back happens within a few months.  There is a way you can make your toilet a water saving toilet without the cost.  Simply put a brick or a milk jug full of water in the tank.
  3. CFL’s – Switching over all you light bulbs will cost you around $70 and will save you much more than that in a year.  They last longer than regular bulbs but do tend to be a bit less bright, so make sure you have what you need light wise as well.
  4. Cloth Diapers – while they cost more upfront this is one of the things that will save you the most.  A full set of cloth diapers costs anywhere from $150-$500, but will save you thousands per child.
  5. Wholesale Club Memberships – these usually cost you about $50 a year and will save you hundreds to thousands each year.  These places usually have the best price on milk, cheese, eggs, and baking supplies.

What do you spend money on now so you invest in savings later?


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Budget Friendly Vacation Ideas to help you have fun without breaking the bank


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With Father’s Day quickly approaching, you might be looking for some smart ways to spoil Dad for less. Cologne is always a thoughtful and practical choice, and with the 7 ways to save money on cologne tips below, you can get more cologne bang for your buck. If you Dad appreciate cologne, take a look at these helpful tips and see how easy it can be to save money on cologne during the Father’s Day season and the rest of the year for that matter.

7 simple tips to help you save money on cologne for the man in your life!

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