How to Save Money on Private School Uniforms

There seem to be a lot of articles circulating out there about how to save money on back to school clothing, but what if your child wears private school uniforms? You might think that you need to just bite the bullet and pay for them at top dollar, but the truth is there are ways to get the private school uniforms you need for less. Take a look below at some helpful tips on how to save money on back to school uniforms.

Are you looking for how to save money on private school uniforms? These practical tips will help you save money on new or used uniform items.

How to save money on private school uniforms

1. Check out Old Navy, Walmart

Many retailers are recognizing that schools, even public ones, are switching to uniform policies. Check out stores such as Old Navy and Walmart for a huge assortment of solid colored polo shirts as well as khaki and navy pants, skirts, and jumpers. You will find they offer competitive prices!

2. Buy in bulk

Some retailers are offering uniform style clothing in bulk in order to save you money. For example Walmart sells a 5 pack of solid colored polos as well as 2 packs of jumpers and uniform pants. This is a great way to build up your supply while getting a discount for buying multiple pieces.

3. Comb through thrift stores

You would be amazed at how many people donate uniform items to local thrift stores. Check your local thrift store out to see if you can find gently used polo shirts, khakis, jumpers, pants, and skirts. If you see some nice pieces that are a size too big, grab it anyways. You can most likely use it by mid year.

4. Look for uniform swaps

Many schools offer uniform swaps in order for parents to trade old clothing for new to them clothing. Ask the school your child will be attending if they are hosting such a swap and when the dates for the swap are. In the meantime, gather your gently worn pieces to trade for some new to you pieces.

5. Make friends with other parents

Talk to other parents who attend the school to see if they have any items they want to hand down, trade you, or sell to you. They will be happy for you to take their gently used items off their hands and you will be thrilled to get it for free or at a discount.

6. Check out online sale groups

The internet, especially Facebook, is full of online garage sale groups. See if there are any groups for your city or town that you can join, then place an ISO ad. You might just find someone willing to sell you the items you need.

7. Always use coupons if you can

Before you purchase anything, especially if shopping online, go to to search for a coupon code. By taking a few seconds to do this you can save anywhere from 10-20% off your purchase.

Give these tips a try when shopping for uniforms this back to school season. They are great for saving a few bucks while still getting the items you need!

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Back to School Essentials for the Busy Mom

This post about going back to school was sponsored by a2 Milk® as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

If you are new to going back to school or if you are going back to school for a new year, there are always things to need to get to be ready for the hustle and bustle.  Be sure you plan ahead, so you have what you need before it all starts!

Are you a busy mom who has kids going back to school? These tips will help you get the essentials other than school supplies so your mornings go smoothly!

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Travel Tips For When You Travel With Kids

Need to travel with kids? Check out these travel tips for when you travel with kids. It’s no secret that flying with one child is difficult, but when you add several children, it can be a real obstacle.


Are you planning to travel with kids? These travel tips will help you to fly with kids easier and get where you need to be with less stress.

Travel Tips For When You Travel With Kids

Do a Pre-Run

If you have never flown with several children at one time, you’ll want to do a practice run. Time yourself to see how long it takes you to get packed up, everyone buckled up, and to the airport. You may surprise yourself on how fast you get things done, so the travel with kids is not so hectic. On the actual day of the trip, give yourself even more wiggle room.

Bring Lots of Little Things to Do

When you travel with kids, you will find they get bored easily. You need a magic “bag” full of toys and goodies to keep those little hands busy. As soon as you think you’re keeping them occupied, they’re ready to move onto something else. One of the best things you can do is be prepared for keeping them occupied.

Stay Calm

It’s no joke when experts say kids can feel your stress levels; it’s so true! Staying calm is one major way you can make flying with little ones successful. Find a few things that help keep you calm and bring them with you. Write down a few of your favorite quotes and bring them with you. Memorize your favorite advice from your mom or dad.

It may be hard to stay calm, but keeping these things in mind will help tremendously. If one of your kids freaks out while you are traveling, do your best to calm them down but don’t panic about having a kid who’s just being a kid.

Check In Early, If You Can

Waiting in those horrible lines with several little kids is one way to lose your sanity. Nowadays, you can check in at kiosks and sometimes online. Trust me; this will help make your time at the airport go as fast as possible. Make sure your important paperwork and itineraries are close to you, so you can look at it and access it as quickly as possible.

Utilize the Carryon

Carry-ons will be your best friend when it comes to travel with kids. Everything you need will be in those bags, so make sure they are packed well.

Several things will need to be done when it comes to flying with multiple little ones. The more you can do before you leave to help make the actual flight easier, then the less stress you will have on yourself.

  • Bring a carrier with you to carry the littlest one.
  • Make sure your baby items are tagged with your name & information.
  • Extra diapers and clothing (don’t forget these)

Obviously, you can’t prepare for every little thing when it comes to flying with multiple little ones and this article probably just covers the surface. However, you are someone more than capable of traveling with your little ones, even multiple ones. Just stay calm and keep your focus!

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How to Stretch Your Family Food Budget

Food is typically a big part of the family’s budget and finding ways to stretch your family food budget can feel like a mystery. Check out some of these ways in which you can stretch your family food budget without losing your sanity.

Are you looking for how to stretch your family food budget? These 4 tips will teach you simple ways to stretch your money without missing what you love.

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7 Ways To Find Couples Time During A Family Vacation

Your marriage is just as important as the fun times with your kids. These ways to find couples time during a family vacation can revolutionize how you spend your road trip time together. Focus on the whole family by encouraging time alone with your spouse to recharge and find the spark again. Even when on vacation, it is possible to love your wife or husband how they need to be loved.

Are you looking for ways to find couples time during a family vacation? These tips are creative and useful ways to get time and strengthen the whole family!

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