DIY Freestanding Closet Shelf

DIY Closet Shelf


DIY Freestanding Closet Shelf

When we found out we were expecting our fourth baby, I began to look at the kids room and try to figure out what we were going to do to be able to fit another body into the little room.  I quickly realized that we were not going to have room for everyone and all their stuff.

So I began to search out my options.  I decided to redo the closet set up and to do that we needed an extra shelf on top of the one currently there.  As I searched, I realized that there was nothing out there that was just a single shelf.  so we decided to make it.

Closet Shelf Supplies


Step 1- Buy the wood you would like for your shelf.  There are lots of choices so you have to decide the type and length to get.  Cut the board into lengths needed for the length and height of your shelf.  Gather nails, screws, a drill, a level, wood glue,  and a hammer.

glue board

Step 2- Measure Leg Board on the shelf board to know how far in to put the brace then draw a line on the board to show where the brace needs to go.  Put wood glue on the brace board and line it up on the side of the line so you leave enough space for the leg to be attached

drill until secure

Step 3- Turn the board over and place it brace side down.  While keeping the board straight nail in a short nail to hold it inline until you put the screws in.  Drill holes and add 3 screws to hold it secure.
*repeat steps 2-3 again on the other side of the shelf.

glue on side

Step 4- Turn board back over and put wood glue on the side of the brace board.  line up leg and nail a couple nails to hold it on.  Drill holes for screws. Add screws to make it secure.  At this point you can remove the nails if you want or hammer them all the way in for added support.
*repeat this step on the other side

sand edges

Step 5- Sand all sides of the shelf and paint if you want it painted.

Now it is ready to be put on your shelf.  This has helped us a ton in giving us more space in our closet and room.

What ideas do you have for adding space in your closet?

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March Income Report and April Budget

Monthly income report and monthly budget sharing so we can help eachother stay motivated and make the most of our money

We switched the budget just about every 3 days this month.  Most of the moving was due to the fact that I kept forgetting yearly an bi-yearly bills we have.  I didn’t realize just how much we spend each year on insurance.  I don’t think that is bad because we do need it, but I think we need to start doing some shopping around in the next couple months to be sure we have the best prices.

If you remember our budget plan for Feb we had a pretty good chunk to go toward our loans and it is slowly getting chipped away as we have implemented these bills into our budget.  I am not going to lie, this is extremely frustrating for me.  I have this crazy detest and anxiety when it comes to debt.  It is a huge stressor for me, so something like this only makes me feel like we are NEVER going to make it if we don’t have more money.

I know this is crazy!  I know we dug this whole and I don’t expect to pay it off tomorrow, although this would be nice, but sometimes it feels like we will NEVER get to the point of paying it off and having money to do what we want.  I also thought it would be way easier for me to live this tightly of a budget because we have done it for so long.  But after 10 years of living this way, I am starting to feel the stress of just not having money.

I am ready to have money to do what we want and because we made the choice to go into debt we can’t do it yet.  This is added stress on everything.  We are in discussion of what we can do to still pay loans but give us some relief from the stress to make it bearable.  I don’t know what we will end up with but I think this is a need for us to make it.

Loan payment March 2015

Last month we paid a little less on loans then the last couple months.  We did this because of the changes in our budget, but we also did it because we are putting a little less of my income toward the loans.  We paid $4,803.01 total across the 5 loans.

As you can see we split up the payment into 2 groups this time.  We did this because we paid off our group B loan!!!!!!!  I am so excited to have 1 loan done!  It is a great relief, but at the same time, we are moving on to a loan that will take us at least a year to pay off.

When we made the payment, I realized that the entire thing went to paying interest on our loans.  a friend of mine told me about an article she read which said to pay the minimum payment and then call in and ask them to do a separate payment just on the principal amount.

I am still not sure if this will work, but I am going to try that next month to see if it works.  If it does, we should be able to pay off our loans faster, but it will mean more work for me and more to track to be sure it happens.

I also found out that if you sign up for automatic payments your interest rate will be lowered by .25% on each loan.  We are thinking about doing that if it works to do 2 payments in a month.  that way one payment will be off my plate and we will be able to get less interest which means less total paid.

I am still learning here and working out what works for us.  This is taking me much longer then I ever thought it would and I am finding myself even more frazzled then I was during school.  It is a bit annoying, but I keep telling myself that once we find what works it will all calm down and we will be much happier in the end.

April 2015 Budget

This month we are hoping our budget has hit a spot of solidifying for the most part.  I need to remember to get the cash envelopes funded so I am better at tracking my spending.  This has been a bit hard for me.

Here is the budget for this month:

A month budget for a family of 6.  This is a budget with as little spending as possible and as much paid on loans as possible to encourage paying off debt.

How is budgeting going for you?  What suggestions do you have for us in paying off our loans while saving our sanity?


How to Plan for Future Income + Free Printable

income collage


It’s easy to see those bills come in the mail and get a little panicky. I had that same feeling the first time our loans started coming up for payment.  Our deferment period was up and I knew that when we started to have more bills come in our future income had to increase somehow. I continued to think about how I could help bring in a little income to bring some of our mountain sized debt down faster. Since we have little ones at home it’s really hard to ‘go out’ and get a job. The money I was going to bring in had to be flexible. That’s where this money planning sheet I’ve created comes in.

You can set a goal for the amount of money you need to make, paired with how to achieve that goal, how to get the goal accomplished, and a place to share your progress. This gives you one sheet to see what is working and helping you to acheive your goals and what is not working.  You can see what you need to spend more time on and what to stop doing.  Earning money on your own is a learning process just like starting a new job.  You will make mistakes and do things that will end up not making you much money.  But you will also have your future income that will work and does work and these are the things you should focus on.

The image of the Money Planning Worksheet is available below.  You can see how it could work for you and planning your future income.

money planning worksheet

I hope you find this printable helpful. I know that once I could identify a goal, execute it, and see some progress my money making abilities got a little better. Don’t forget to download the Money Planning Printable to use in your everyday frugal lifestyle.


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12 Easter Basket Ideas for Under $5 each!

12 Easter Basket Ideas for Under $5 each!

Easter is just around the corner and it is time to get some Easter Basket ideas!  While I love the holiday, I hate spending lots of money on stuff for the easter baskets that gets used up in 1 afternoon.  Because we live on such a fixed budget while we are trying to pay off our debt, I like to put things into our Easter baskets that can be used for a while and will keep their interest. This also helps to keep our small house from getting cluttered!

Here is my top 12 items you can use to fill the easter basket for $5 or less!

Madlibs Easter Eggstravaganza

Glitterville Easter Egg Decorations Assorted Gift Ideas Holiday Fun Colorful

LEGO Friends 41089 Little Foal

Melissa & Doug Habitats Reusable Sticker Pad

LEGO Creator 31015 Emerald Express

Crayola 48 Count Sidewalk Chalk (51-2048)

LEGO Creator Sea Plane

Disney Princess Sofia the First Girls Heart Charm Necklace and Bracelet Set – Assorted Styles (1 Set)

Melissa & Doug Design-Your-Own Bracelets

6 Easter Themed Stampers

Disney Princess Sofia the First Kids Digital LCD Watch

Melissa And Doug Jumbo Coloring Book


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How A Sunny Day Can Help You Save Money

I LOVE to save money.  It is something that is just part of my personality.  I feel physical pain spending money.  But This month as I sat down to do my budget I began to wonder what it will be like to have enough money to do whatever I want with it.

Goals give us the motivation to do what we want and need with our money.

For the last 10 years of my life I lived on almost nothing.  While I have loved the ability to accomplish that, we are making good money right now.  We make about $5,000 a month!!!!  When we are used to living on $1800 a month this seems like a fortune!!!  But we can’t be free with our money because we are in debt.  #bondage

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