Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas On A Budget

If you are like me, you love to decorate for the holidays!  But you need some easy Christmas decorating ideas on a budget to make the money you have stretch to be the best decorations you can.

Use these tips for easy Christmas decorating ideas on a budget to enjoy decorating your home for the holiday season! These tips include places to look too!

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Christmas Sweets: Easy Christmas Oreo Cookie Pops Recipe

“Christmas time is here……  Happiness and cheer……” -Charlie Brown

You know you sang that as you read it!  *high five!*

Christmas time is my FAVORITE time of year.  Aside from all the Christmas sweets like these Christmas Oreo cookie pops recipe, I love how people are brought together in the spirit of love and giving and I especially love the spirit of service that people always feel as the celebrate the Saviors birth.

These Christmas sweets: oreo cookie pops recipe is easy to make in a pinch and to prep ahead of time! Include Oreos, chocolate, sprinkles and more!

When I was younger, my dad worked for the Army.  We were often not around family for the holidays as we moved from place to place.  But my mom always taught us to give and appreciate the gifts we had.  I remember spending hours in the kitchen with her as she made fudge, Danish, and so many other Christmas sweets.  We then would take them out to the soldiers that guarded our base on Christmas Eve.  That memory will forever be in my mind. The opportunity to make them feel loved and to have some holiday cheer as they protected us was priceless. Continue reading →

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100 Free Or Frugal Fall Date Night Ideas

Frugal fall date night ideas are sometimes hard to come by because it is getting cold outside and so you have to be creative.  However, it is not impossible to have a weekly date!

These 100 free or frugal fall date ideas will help you have a good time without spending a ton. These are fun date ideas that all ages can do and get to know each other better.

Here are 100 free or frugal fall date night ideas that you can enjoy with your significant other this year. Having a great date night (or day) isn’t about how much money you spend, but about the great times, you have together. These ideas are frugal-minded, and tons of fun for nearly any couple.

100 free or frugal fall date night ideas

1. Visit an orchard.
2. Go to local amusement park.
3. Go on a picnic.
4. Go fishing.
5. Go dancing (ballroom, swing or country line dancing).
6. Movie night in.
7. Cook a gourmet meal together.
8. Bake cookies.
9. Play board games.
10. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows.
11. Go for a hike.
12. Play video games.
13. Visit a bookstore.
14. Explore your local tourist stops.
15. Visit a museum.
16. Play card games.
17. Create your own unique mix tapes.
18. Make fun Youtube videos together.
19. Go to a coffee shop.
20. Read poetry to each other.
21. Build a fire and snuggle.
22. Create a couples bucket list.
23. Play in the fallen leaves.
24. Go for a scenic drive or day trip.
25. Visit a pumpkin patch.
26. Carve jack-o-lanterns.
27. Visit local art galleries.
28. Go to a local park.
29. Play on playground equipment (swings, slides, etc.)
30. Go roller skating.
31. Go for a walk on the beach.
32. Give each other manicures or pedicures.
33. Go out for dessert.
34. Go to a local play (high school, college or small theater group)
35. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen together.
36. Clip coupons together for a fun shopping trip.
37. Go to a local music concert
38. Go to the local county or state fair.
39. Walk around your downtown district.
40. Go stargazing (use a smart phone app to recognize constellations)
41. Visit a local zoo or animal sanctuary.
42. Go for a local bakery tour.
43. Read a book out loud to each other.
44. Learn how to make sushi together.
45. Give each other massages.
46. Tackle a fun DIY project together.
47. Visit a paint studio.
48. Learn a new language together.
49. Take a cooking class.
50. Build a fort and snuggle in the dark.
51. Color in coloring books like kids.
52. Go explore neighborhood yard sales.
53. Take dance lessons.
54. Go to a planetarium to see the stars.
55. Visit a local scenic view spot and watch the sunset together.
56. Make homemade candies or fun baked goods.
57. Take a cake decorating class together.
58. Go do karaoke.
59. Take a painting class.
60. Visit a flea market.
61. Window shop.
62. Go to an arcade.
63. Visit the library.
64. Stroll through a local bookstore.
65. Go to a haunted house.
66. Ride a local trolley, carriage or fun train.
67. Visit the place you first met.
68. Take a bubble bath together.
69. Go to a high school or college football game.
70. Play 20 questions (ask questions to get to know the person better).
71. Create a love box (write notes/letters to each other and lock in a box to pull out when you need reminders).
72. Create a time capsule of your relationship and bury it on your property.
73. Go house hunting. Grab the local reality listings and drive around looking at what could be your next dream home.
74. Go for a boat ride.
75. Go for a scavenger hunt.
76. Go camping in your backyard.
77. Go thrift shopping.
78. Have a Nerf gun fight.
79. Go for a bike ride (try to rent a bicycle built for two).
80. Visit a farmers market.
81. Take the local train and people watch.
82. Take a yoga class together.
83. Become street performers for a night (grab the guitar and stand on a corner to sing for a few hours).
84. Go bowling.
85. Visit the local humane society and volunteer.
86. Visit a nursing home or retirement center and play games with the residents.
87. Complete a jigsaw puzzle together.
88. Go on a local ghost hunt (research area ghost sitings).
89. Play miniature golf.
90. Go through a corn maze.
91. Play a few rounds of pool.
92. Play Bingo at a local community center.
93. Visit your local zoo.
94. Play your favorite sport (basketball, soccer, tennis can all be fun to challenge each other).
95. Go to a local poetry reading.
96. See a local Improv comedy show
97. Babysit your friends kids for the night (great if you don’t have kids and are considering it).
98. Go golfing.
99. Play hide and seek
100. Go Geocaching.

These free or frugal fall date night ideas are tons of fun. From things that cost you nothing to the few things that cost $2-$10 per person, you can easily enjoy a great date this fall.

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Update Your Fall Wardrobe On A Budget

Fall is here and that means, cool weather, changing leaves, pumpkins, and apples as far as the eye can

see and of course, a new fall wardrobe! I bet many of you have a very limited budget for your fall

wardrobe and think new outfits are out of reach.

Update Your Fall Wardrobe On A Budget

With a few key tips and some great accessorizing you too can have a great new fall look! Keep in mind

many items from your winter wardrobe can be re purposed like your scarfs, jeans, handbags and boots.

Take a look at your summer wardrobe, what belts and jewelry can you re use? Then build from there

with these simple tips!


Pick Your Basics – Start with some basics like a white button shirt, some great fitting jeans and a great

pair of neutral boots. You should also have your little black dress and since it’s a fall what about a great

dress in fall colors. Make sure your pieces in your wardrobe can go together. From there you can add on

and layer!

Mix and Match – Take your pieces and make new outfits. You can have 12 pieces of clothes and make

15 or more great outfits! This gives you’re the illusion of more clothes without the price tag that comes

with it!

Thrift Stores – As you are hunting for those key pieces don’t forget to shop at the thrift stores. Many

thrift stores will have local stores overstock so you can get new clothes deeply discounted. You can find

great deals on the perfect pair of jeans for less than $10 instead of over $100!

Accessorize – This is the cheapest way to make a new outfit! Great a chunky necklace and a new purse

with a different pair of shoes, this gives your outfit a whole new look. You can get some great cheap

scarfs, necklaces, belts, purses, shoes and other jewelry.


The Cardigan – The Cardigan is a must with the fall weather, it’s getting colder so a cardigan will help

keep you warm. This is also a great way to make a new outfit. Take those jeans and white shirt

mentioned above add in a cardigan and some accessories and you have a great outfit. Next week switch

up a different cardigan and different accessories but he same jeans and white shirt (after they are

washed of course!) and bam, you have a whole new outfit!


Buy End of Season – The best way to get discounts is to buy at the end of the season for next season.

Had your eye on that great cardigan but it was out of your budget? Get it cheap when they roll out the

winter line and put fall items on clearance!

What are some of you fall must haves?

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4 Ways to Save Without Spending a Dime

This post on ways to save without spending a dime is a sponsored post from Valpak, all opinions and words are my own and not influenced by them in any way.

Sometimes you need to find ways to save quickly and without spending money.  We found ourselves in this type of a position many times in our marriage.  After our wedding, we were both in school and had very little money.

Using these 4 easy ways to save without spending a dime, you will be able to save money while still keeping your budget in check!

We again found ourselves in this position over and over again as we had more family members join our family and when we had emergencies in our family that cost us money.  I learned a few simple things that I could do for a short or long time to help us save enough to make ends meet and get us through those harder financial times.

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