10 Budget Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is almost here and these budget date ideas are a great way to show you love without breaking the bank. After all, showing someone you care is really from your heart not from your pocket book.

Are you looking for budget date ideas?  Check out these ideas that are great for anytime, but are especially great to use as a Valentine's day date!

While we have more money now that my husband finally has a real job, We still love to save money.;)  We especially love to save money on holiday’s by thinking outside of the box.  Here are 10 of our favorite budget date ideas for Valentine’s day that won’t break your budget.

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DIY Valentines Decorations That Use Paper Hearts

DIY Valentine Decorations
I am a BIG fan of DIY Valentine decorations that use paper hearts!  My family and I finally got around to making our DIY Valentine decorations countdown chain on Sunday. It was SO much fun to sit and do the craft with the kids.  They had so much fun! It was fun to see how excited they are about Valentines now with this one little decoration in our house!

DIY Valentine Decorations
There are so many classy DIY Valentine Decorations you can do with paper hearts.  I never knew you could make such cute decorations that cn be used for the month and then thrown away until you can make more next year.  This is also great because so many tastes change year to year and the kids are able to do more as they get older.

Are you looking for Easy DIY Valentine decorations that use paper hearts? These are easy ways to decorate your home in classy ways the family can enjoy!

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5 Reasons To Join Amazon Student

Are you a college student with an EDU email address? You may qualify to join Amazon Student. Amazon student is a great program to make life easier for you. There are perks like free shipping, music, movies and more.  And the best part is that it doesn’t cost much to join Amazon student! 

Are you looking for a reason to join amazon student? These are all money saving reasons to join amazon student as soon as you can!

If you are like we were in college, you will want to sign up for amazon student as soon as you can so you can save as much as possible! Here is why you should join Amazon student today!

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The Best Money Management Software For Our Large Family Budget

This post on the best money management software is brought to you by EveryDollar.  All opinions and content is my own and was not influenced in any way. 

Are you looking for a free money management software?  Over the last ten years, I have been through so many different options for budgeting. None of them was the free budget software I have always been looking for.  I have used paper budgets, spreadsheets, online budgeting tools, and money tracking sheets.  The same thing always happens.  I start the budget.  Do well with it and then it drops off.

Are you looking for the best money management software for your budget? This free budgeting software helps you learn how to budget money easily!

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5 Tips for Teaching Kids About Money

Teaching kids about money is one of the best things you can do as a parent. In today’s society, kids want the latest electronics and named brand clothing. It is easy as parents to give in to these requests, but should we? I’m going to go out on a limb and say while it’s nice to have the latest gadgets and nice clothes, kids need to learn the value of the dollar early on.Use these 5 tips teaching kids about money. These easy tips will help your kids learn how to manage money and value a dollar.

If we continue to spoil are children and give in to every request, what is going to happen to our children when they go out into the real world? So how do we teach our kids about money? This is probably easier said than done but I’ve put together a few tips to help all of us out.

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