Using Local Markets To Save Money On Grocery Shopping

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 Save money on grocery

If you are new to this series you may want to start at the beginning HERE.

When we were first married I was a one store shopper.  Like most people in the US we went to the closest place to our house and never cared to research prices or other stores that may save us money.  We had a Save Mart close to us and we went and shopped there religiously.

That all changed when I started to be aware of money and where it was going.  We were spending over $600 a month on our family of 4.  So I began to branch out when I started couponing.  I started to go to other stores and found some great deals and much better quality of produce and meats at lower prices.

Then one day a friend of mine rocked my world.  She told me about a market in down town Fresno that was open year round and sold fresh produce for mostly $.50 a pound!  I  was shocked! I had no idea this place existed. Heck, I didn’t even know they could sell produce for that cheap and make money!

I headed down town and was overwhelmed with the choices.  It took me about 30 minutes just to decide what to get.  I was so excited I came home and called everyone I know. I told them that they had to go check this out.  It was amazing to go and leave with a weeks worth of produce for about $10!!!

The produce was great!  It was a market run by local members of the community, they took cash only and were very helpful.  The fact that the market was year round was a HUGE plus because I was able to get the in season items.  During the winter I honestly had no idea what to do with 1/2 the things, but I was able to consistently get all the produce we needed for about $10 a week!!!

Not all farmers markets are the same

Not all markets are the same however.  We went to the weekly farmers market that is close to our home and the prices were higher then the sale prices at the stores.  This market is more about the feel of the market rather then the produce itself.

We have another one in the area that has prices similar to the store but it only runs a few months out of the year.  It is important to know how your farmers market runs when you are planning on using it regularly.

It is also important to know other things as when like your price points.  This can determine if a market is worth your time and your money to go to.  Be sure you also know if you want organic or non-organic produce as the markets will vary on that as well.

Finding a local farmers market

So how do you find your local market?  First off you want to search the internet.  This is a great way to find the high traffic places and to get your feet wet with local markets.

The second thing you want to do is ask everyone you know if they know of a market.  That market I talked about is not advertised anywhere, so if my friend hadn’t told me I would have never known.

Lastly, you need to be prepared.  Take only the cash you want to spend, have your own bags, and if the price isn’t right be prepared to walk away with nothing.  Finding a market you like is a learning process, sometimes you have to go through 3-4 to get the one you want and need, so don’t be afraid to try out different options!

Do you have any tips for finding or shopping at a local market?

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Saving Money On Food By Shopping Through Co-ops

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Saving Money On Food By Shopping Through Co-ops

If you are new to this series you may want to start at the beginning HERE.  

A Food Co-op is a way to save money on food while still shopping for it locally. It is food distribution outlet that acts like a cooperative. That means the decisions about the production and distribution of its food is chosen by its members.  So In a co-op you get to say what type of food you get if it is organic or non-organic, how it is grown and where it is grown.  

Food Co-ops are  are wonderful for those who aren’t afraid to try to cook new things.  They are also wonderful if you want the freshest produce for the cheapest price.  For those who are not so comfortable with those things, they are a bit harder to use unless you are able to get past that.

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Getting Outside, Even In The Heat

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This is a sponsored post, I am a Kmart blogger, though all opinions are my own.

It is summer and while for most places that means it is a time of playing outside and climbing trees, for us it is a time of scorching heat and sweat dripping of you when you go get the mail.

Getting Your Kids Outside When It is Hot

It is SO hard to even think about taking your kids outside to play, let alone making it happen.  

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Saving Money At The Grocery Store By Price Matching

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price matching to save you money on Groceries

If you are new to this series you may want to start at the beginning HERE

Each time I go out to grocery shop, I have one of these two situations to deal with.

Stop touching your brother!

Me loading 4 kids into the car and driving to the store where I take them all out and load 2 of the littles into the cart.  Usually one kid in the cart seat and the other in the basket.  Then I load the other 2 on the side of the cart and push it  into the store.  While in the store, My time is usually taken up with me telling my kids to stop touching, stop running away… “where did you go??”  “why are you touching that?  I have told you 3 times to put it down.”  “No, you can’t have that candy, put it down.”   “sit down!”  Ya, you get the idea. Or….

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Fresh and Easy Quick Meals Saved My Day!

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Thank you to Fresh & Easy for sponsoring this post and keeping my meals quick and healthy!

Summer has been crazy for us.  We have moved and been trying to purge a lot of our things we had in our garage in Southern California.  Not to mention the over 100 degree weather that we have had to battle at least 60% of the time we have been here.

fresh and easy to go meals

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