Free Budgeting Printables: A Needs and Wants List

Wants and Needs Budgeting Worksheet

Free Budgeting Printables: A Needs and Wants List

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about budgeting. As we got to talking I began explaining to her how I had helped people set up their budgets so they can pay off debt and live a more financially stable life.  I had always used a paper and pen for my needs and wants worksheet but it was hard to explain how it would go without a visual.

So I decided it was time to make some printables so others can see better how to get their needs and wants organized.  So I made a couple worksheets so you can organize your needs and wants.  Remember the needs or only things like food, shelter, heat, clothing.  other items like internet, telephones are not needs, they are wants (even though some wants are things we can’t imagine life without) so be sure to put them in the right category.  I also included on the needs worksheet a spot for other monthly bills you may have that need to be paid off.  Those are not absolute must be paid each month, but if you have the money these items go before your wants in your budgeting.

Hope you enjoy them and let me know in the comments if you print them and if you have any other forms you would like me to make!

Budgeting Worksheet Needs and Wants

If you need to know the first steps of budgeting check out How to Start a Budget.

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