Finding quick and easy dinner ideas can be a challenge especially with new recipes.  But picking a frugal recipe that has simple ingredients and is easy to prepare helps.

When you are looking at recipes look at the number of ingredients. If there are less then 7 ingredients you should consider this recipe for a quick option.

Then look at the items in the ingredients.  If the ingredients ore ones you are familiar with and that you have on hand, it is a great option for an easy dinner idea, even if you are looking for Dinner for two!

Easy Healthy Meals are easy to find when you use this formula and know what healthy ingredients are.

Here are some easy dinner ideas for you to get you started

Chicken Fajita Quick Easy Dinner

If you are looking for some quick and easy dinner ideas, here is a chicken fajita recipe that you want to be sure to add to your list of quick and easy dinners.  This has been my go to meal in my house for a couple years.  I love it because of how good it […]

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Easy Dinner Ideas: Macaroni Meatballs

When I had to go dairy free and soy free with my daughter a few years ago I found this great easy macaroni meatball recipe that was easy dinner idea and really yummy.  To add to the greatness of it, the kids loved it too! It is always nice to find and easy meatball recipe […]

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Quick and Easy Popover Dinner Idea

This is the best popover recipe ever!  It was shared with my by a friend.  It is an easy dinner idea that is a good one for the freezer. It is a great recipe for any meal of the day.  You can have it with honey or jam or just plain. Popover Recipe   Creator: […]

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Easy Teriyaki Chicken Dinner

I love this easy teriyaki chicken dinner for so many reasons.  It is healthy for you and it is a great way to feed just a few people or your whole family.  The sauce can also be used in other recipes as well which is a great way to stretch your money and meals. This […]

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Easy Dinner Idea: Quick Beef Stroganoff Recipe

I am in love with this easy dinner idea.  We have never been big on mushrooms at our house.  So I always had a hard time with making beef stroganoff the way my mom always did.  It was good, but I didn’t care for the mushrooms in it.  so I decided to make my own […]

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