Knowing the Difference Between Need and Want: Free Needs and Wants List

Knowing the difference between need and want is so hard!  That is because it is super hard to differentiate what is a need and what is a want.  I am always re-evaluating what the needs and wants list are for me and my family. To know what the difference is you have to look at basic needs for your family and go on from there.

Know the difference between need and want using this needs and wants list is a perfect Budgeting printable. This needs vs wants budget worksheet has info on what is the difference between needs and wants. Knowing what is needs and wants can help you to focus your budget.

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DIY Valentines Decoration: Hearts and Button Hanging Decoration

Valentines is soon to be upon us, and that means it is time to get at least one valentines decoration done and up around the house.  I love to find cute valentines day decorations and create them to make our house more festive.  This valentines heart and bead decoration is great!  I especially like that it can be incorporated into any home no matter the size or if you have a shelf to put something.

This valentines decoration of paper hearts, beads and buttons is cute for any size house or budget! Also includes more ideas for valentines day decorations to liven up your home decor!

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How to Simplify Paper Clutter In Your Home

We all have them. You know…the papers that come in and go out on a regular basis. Here’s the thing about those papers. Whether you have 5 or 50, they are mental clutter. You need to deal with all this to simplify paper clutter.

Simplify paper clutter with these simple tips! these will help you have an organized and simple way to get your paper under control and easy to see.

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Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas On A Budget

If you are like me, you love to decorate for the holidays!  But you need some easy Christmas decorating ideas on a budget to make the money you have stretch to be the best decorations you can.

Use these tips for easy Christmas decorating ideas on a budget to enjoy decorating your home for the holiday season! These tips include places to look too!

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Christmas Sweets: Easy Christmas Oreo Cookie Pops Recipe

“Christmas time is here……  Happiness and cheer……” -Charlie Brown

You know you sang that as you read it!  *high five!*

Christmas time is my FAVORITE time of year.  Aside from all the Christmas sweets like these Christmas Oreo cookie pops recipe, I love how people are brought together in the spirit of love and giving and I especially love the spirit of service that people always feel as the celebrate the Saviors birth.

These Christmas sweets: oreo cookie pops recipe is easy to make in a pinch and to prep ahead of time! Include Oreos, chocolate, sprinkles and more!

When I was younger, my dad worked for the Army.  We were often not around family for the holidays as we moved from place to place.  But my mom always taught us to give and appreciate the gifts we had.  I remember spending hours in the kitchen with her as she made fudge, Danish, and so many other Christmas sweets.  We then would take them out to the soldiers that guarded our base on Christmas Eve.  That memory will forever be in my mind. The opportunity to make them feel loved and to have some holiday cheer as they protected us was priceless. Continue reading →

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