Homemade Pace Salsa Copy Cat Canning Recipe


This week on Food Storage Friday we are going to talk about Salsa!!!  As you know I am out of town, but before I went I gathered ll the tomatoes and onion and everything and made salsa and canned it.  I was so happy with how things turned out.  I used a copycat recipe for Pace Picante Salsa found HERE.  I changed the tomato sauce to 1/2 tomato sauce and 1/2 crushed tomatoes.

First I took all my tomatoes and peppers and an onion.  the tomatoes were cut in 1/4ths and the peppers and onion were diced.  It is important to include the seeds in the peppers with the salsa.  This is where most of the taste comes from.

Then I blended up the tomatoes and combined that with cans of tomato sauce in the pot.
Then let it boil on the stove until it thickens up.  (I made a couple different batches of this and noticed that you have to boil it a bit more the the recipe says when using the crushed tomatoes)

 I then put it in Jars and boiled water on the stove in the canner to seal the jars.  This takes a while to do so I started to boil the water just before the salsa was done.



  1. That sounds like a great idea. I LOVE Pace salsa and had never thought of making it myself before. Where did you get your canner? I'd love to pickle some veggies this fall, but I would certainly need a canner for that. Can you find them at grocery stores?
    Also, do you know is the salsa recipe is for mild, medium or hot?

  2. The salsa recipe is really mild. I had to add more jalapenos to my second batch to make it a bit hotter. we like spicy salsa!

    The canner I borrowed from my mom who has had it for years! I saw canning stuff at Walmart this year though. will look for more online or in stores as well and do a food storage friday post on it in the future.

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