Indoor Activities for Toddlers To Do While You Get Organized

One of the hardest parts about organizing, when you have young children, is finding indoor activities for toddlers to do while you get organized.  There are so many times when they get bored easily and always want to “help” by unloading the box you just loaded or adding things to it when you’re not looking! […]

Frugal Organization Tips

Frugal Organization Tips So I am the WORST organizer on the planet when it comes to my own family and house.  I have this strong desire in me to get things in order and live a cleaner more organized life, but it just doesn’t happen.  I am awesome at helping others in their house.  I […]

Simple Living Challenge Day 15: Home Clipboard or Notebook

If you are new, be sure you check out the full Simple Living Challenge. How to Create a Home Notebook I think I have gone through every type of home notebook, clipboard or schedule out there.  none of them have worked long term.  I even tried to make my own last year that combined all […]

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