Thanksgiving Kids Crafts: Edible Teepees

Of all the great thanksgiving kids crafts, I love this one the most! The kids love making these teepees using ice cream cones, chocolate, and sprinkles!

Thanksgiving morning can be crazy, and there is always lots of things happening. Thanksgiving kids crafts are a great way to keep kids occupied with some art projects and give them a little snack to keep their fingers out of the dinner foods!

I think schools are doing a poor job of teaching history, in general, so we take every opportunity to talk with our kids about history. This helps them know how our country started and where everyone came from.  These adorable ice cream cone teepees are great for using as a representation of the Native Americans and also a tasty treat for dessert! We use them as a lesson about the first Thanksgiving, so the kids learn the history of Thanksgiving and learn gratitude.

You can use these as a decoration, or you can use them to eat out of! They are super easy to make, and they look awesome as decorations on the kids table!

Thanksgiving kids crafts: Edible Teepees


Sugar cones or Waffle cones
Straws, pretzel sticks, OR carrot sticks


  1. First you need to cut off the tip of the ice cream cone using a knife
  2. Next, melt your chocolate. I used semi/sweet chocolate chips, and the bag tells you how to melt your chips into a perfect consistency for this project!  They usually use a glass bowl in the microwave if the bag doesn’t give you instructions.
  3. Now, taking your cones take the open side and dip it in your melted chocolate, immediately put the sprinkles on as your chocolate might dry too fast if you don’t!
  4. If you have pretzel sticks or carrot sticks you can use them as the tops of the teepees as this make the whole thing edible, if not you can use something simple like straws, this is what I did and they still look adorable!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving kids crafts to do with your children?

*You can use these as ice cream cones if you want. Just throw it a little chocolate over the hole you cut in the tip and allow it to harden!

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