Getting Kids Outside, Even In The Heat

It is summer and while for most places that means it is a time of playing outside and climbing trees, for us it is a time of scorching heat and sweat dripping of you when you go get the mail. It is so hard getting kids outside because they don’t want to be out there.

Getting kids outside to play is harder when it is hot. There are ways to make it fun. These tips will get them outside having fun no matter the temperature!

It is SO hard to even think about taking your kids outside to play, let alone making it happen.  

Didn’t I just say…..

With 4 kids it is an undertaking at least.  Getting kids outside usually goes like this:

“Kids, it is time to go play outside.  You need to get your shoes on.  I am going to put my shoes on, get yours on so we can go out.”

5 minutes later….

“Ok, I am done lets……. why don’t you have your shoes on?  Where is Quinn so I can get his shoes on?  Please get your shoes on….. come on guys!  You said you wanted to go out!” 

5 minutes later…..

“Ok, 2 of you finally listened, 1 to go…. Reagan, PLEASE get your shoes on!!!!!  Reagan,….Reagan,…. yay!  you finally got one on….  ok, now for the other one.  you got this.  keep going…. ok, you put your toes in… keep going… your doing great!!!!  YAY!!!  you got your shoes on!”

You get the idea.

It usually ends with Reagan coming to the door saying “AHHHHH!  It is tooooo… (picture this in the whinniest voice you can imagine)  hot!!  I don’t want to go out…. where are my sun glasses????  I am hot!!!!” (Yes she is 6 going on 16.)

Playing outside with kids

Kids Need To Be Outside

I know it is important getting kids outside and play, but with all that work I have to really mentally get myself prepared.  So I usually like to spend our outside time somewhere with others so I can get some help when I have an emotional meltdown… I mean the kids have an emotional meltdown…*wink, wink*

A couple weeks ago, We were at my moms and took the kids in the front to ride bikes.  My 7 year old learned to ride a bike about a year ago.  Reagan had never ridden a bike without training wheels and my husband was on his day off of studying and this was our chance to get her taught.    

The Lessons Begin

My husband took her out on her brothers bike and did the best thing he could.  He got her started riding while he ran behind the bike.  Up and down the street he ran while she got used to balancing while peddling.

After about 5 times up and down the street he started running and then let go.  She kept going then noticed dad wasn’t around her.  We were all holding our breath hoping she wouldn’t fall when she started to get worried because dad wasn’t with her.

But it was the opposite.  She was so proud of herself and she just kept going.

I knew we had to get her a bike of her own.  So we took her to Kmart to get a bike!

Kmart Kids Bikes

There was a huge selection of bikes at different price ranges.

It was hard to pick, because they even had a variety of character bikes which had bags and horns.

Girls Dragonfly Bike

We picked out a 16 inch dragonfly bike.  She loves it! I love the colors too!  It is SO her!

Getting kids outside to play is harder when it is hot. There are ways to make it fun. These tips will get them outside having fun no matter the temperature!

What is even better is that we now have a bike for each of our bike riders!  That means more outside bike riding time and hopefully getting kids outside more all the time!

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