5 Reasons To Join Amazon Student

Are you a college student with an EDU email address? You may qualify to join Amazon Student. Amazon student is a great program to make life easier for you. There are perks like free shipping, music, movies and more.  And the best part is that it doesn’t cost much to join Amazon student! 

Are you looking for a reason to join amazon student? These are all money saving reasons to join amazon student as soon as you can!

If you are like we were in college, you will want to sign up for amazon student as soon as you can so you can save as much as possible! Here is why you should join Amazon student today!

Reasons to join amazon student

FREE Prime shipping. Amazon Student members get 6 months free Amazon Prime. College is expensive and amazon is a great place to shop and save money. With Amazon student, you do not have to wait a week for shipping or hit the $35 minimum for super saver shipping.

Discounted Full Prime membership. Are you looking for all of the Amazon prime benefits but find $99 to be a bit much for your budget? As an Amazon student, you can upgrade and get up to 4 years of Amazon Prime for only $49 each. Half price prime membership comes with all Prime benefits from music downloads, free kindle books, and video streaming.

10% discount on books. Let’s face it, as a student books are a large fraction of expenses. Getting a 10% discount adds up quickly helping you save money.

Get per friend you refer $5. You can earn money to spend on Amazon by referring your friends and classmates to join you for a free trial of Amazon Student. Everyone loves to get a little extra money and as a college student you need it.

It is FREE. Yes it is free to sign up for a 6 month trial of Amazon Student. You can cancel at any time. With sign up no more than the time it takes to fill out the paperwork I want to know… What reason do you have not to join?

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