“Tinker Bell An Evolution” The Perfect Book For Any Disney Fan

Evolution of Tinkerbell Book Review

This is Tinker Bell, ahem, I mean Kiley.  She is a Tinker Bell fanatic.  She is in LOVE with anything Tink.  She often will dress up in her Tink leotard and her wings and run through the house “flying”.  She has never been one to sit and watch a movie, but put on any Tink movie and she is glued to the TV.

History of tinkerbell author

Tinker Bell: An Evolution

This month a new book comes out from Disney Publications called “Tinker Bell: An Evolution”  I was super excited to be able to see the author, Mindy Johnson, talk about her experience with putting together the book and interviewing those that are still living about their experiences at the D23 Expo.

It was amazing to see the pictures and hear how Tinker Bell came to be.  I always though she was the feistiest little girl like fairy that was more then a little girl.  I could never explain the feeling though until I heard the author talking about her experience with the book.

She said when Disney first started looking at having Peter Pan made, Walt Disney wanted Tinker Bell to be more then just a light like she had been in plays, early silent movies and cartoons that had been drawn before.  So they set out to put a face to Tinker Bell.  It went through so many phases that led to the who she was.

They started off modeling her after famous actresses of the time.  They made Tinks with every body shape and hair color.  They first settled on Tink being a red head.  That is where the fiery redhead like attitude came from!  There is even a picture of a statue of Tink with red hair.  It is pretty cool to see.  Then they found a girl in the Disney Company that would make Tink into the Tink we all know and love.

The Tink we know today came quickly once they found the face and the body they wanted.  Her body was modeled to be a child from the waist up and a woman from the waist down.  This was why I always felt like she was a girl but a woman at the same time.  And now that you know that go look at the drawings of Tink.  You see those woman like hips??  Exactly!

Tinker Bell An Evolution

The Perfect Book For a Tink Lover

When I received the book to do the review from, Kiley went crazy!  She was so excited to just sit and look through the pages and pages on Tinker Bell.  Every time she she recognized a Tinker Bell She would say “Look Mommy!  Tinker Bell!!!!”  While I am not that excited about her, I do have a really great fondness for her now that I know her history.

This is the perfect book for any Tink Lover or really any Disney Lover.  It gives a glimpse into the life of Tinker Bell and the backgrounds of Walt Disney and his vision of what made Tinker Bell who she is today.  The pictures in the book are pictures you will never see any other place.  tHere are pictures of who Tink’s face was modeled after and original drawings and sketches of Tink and Peter Pan!

Tinker Bell: An Evolution is available to order and would make a perfect Christmas gift for any Disney Fan.  Don’t miss your chance to learn about the life of Tink and how she became who we love today!

Do you have a Tinker Bell lover in your house?  What is their favorite Tinker Bell movie?

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