4 Reasons Why Iphone is Better for Busy Moms

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I resisted getting a smartphone for a lot of years.  I liked the simple phones, and I didn’t ant to get stuck on my phone instead of being with my family.  But when my husband started law school, and things got crazy, I quickly realized why iPhone is better for busy moms.

Are you looking for reasons why iPhone is better for busy moms? These are the 4 reasons I love my iPhone and I think it perfect for every mom.

I got my first iPhone in 2012, and I have not had a different one since.  Currently, I have an iPhone 5s.  We will be upgrading soon as we usually do it every two years. I have yet to decide which phone I like best, but we usually stick with the frugal choice and go for the older refurbished models.  I have been looking at the iPhone 6S.  It is an excellent option if you don’t want to get the newest iPhone 7.  But no matter which I get here is why iPhone is better for busy moms!

My top 4 reasons why iPhone is better

The camera

The biggest reason I chose an iPhone was for the camera.  Being a blogger and a mom that wants to take pics of her kids means you need a camera that is just as good as a point and shoot.  The phone gave me the functionality I needed int he phone while also having a bonus.  Because we have Apple computers, all my photos automatically get sent to the computer, and I don’t have to transfer them.  That saves me SO much time and space on my phone.

The way it syncs together with your family

I mentioned the phone syncs my photos.  The second reason I LOVE my iPhone and why iPhone is better is because It syncs everything else.  We are an Apple family.  I grew up with a Mac in my house.  I didn’t know how to work a PC until I was in high school.  So we also continue to have Mac computers.  As a result of that, My husband has also converted to Apple and he has an iPhone as well.

Because we all have Apple products, We can sync all our calendars, contacts, and photos.  This helps us to save so much time.  That one thing alone helps me to be a better mom by knowing my husband’s schedule, and we can add kid’s schedules in so we both know what is happening.

The shape and feel of it in your hand

When I got my first phone, I got the big Nokia.  Yup!  The boxy one that I got it because of the bulky, boxy feel of the phone.  I know a lot of people don’t like that, but I think phones like that are easier to hold and feel in your hand, which means it is simpler to use as a mom.  The iPhone is no different, the boxy feel of the phone and the way it sits in your hand makes it easier to hold onto which means you don’t drop it as much.

The customer service

The top thing that makes me love Apple products not change at all over the years is the customer service.  We usually get apple care on our phones. But even without it, I have never found that I didn’t go into an Apple store with a problem where they couldn’t help me.  I am not a naturally techy person with anything other than my website. So to know that I have a place to go where they will be able to help me when I have a problem and it won’t charge me a thing to diagnose is SUPER important to me.

There are so many times in a mom’s life where things like phones get broken, or a kid changes a setting you can’t do anything about it.  I love that I have a phone that can be fixed and that it makes my life easier!

If you are looking for a new phone, be sure you consider these 4 reasons why iPone is better for busy moms.  This phone makes life so much more organized and gives you extra time with your family.

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