Wooden NOEL Christmas Craft

I have a great Christmas craft tutorial for you today. Something simple and chic and made by you! There is nothing like adding an extra piece to your holiday collection and this Wooden Noel Sign is just perfect for that. This little piece came be completed in just a few hours and is a fabulous addition to any mantle, sideboard, table and more! So grab your materials and get started!

Christmas Craft: This Wooden NOEL Christmas Craft is an easy and budget friendly idea for adding some fun decor to your home this holiday season!

Wooden NOEL Christmas Craft

Materials needed:

  • Small piece of wood- long enough to fit your letters (depends on what font and size you choose) you can
  • also, buy little-precut wood strips in packages at the craft store –that’s what I did- no cutting necessary!
  • Wood letters N, E, and L
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Wood glue- or glue gun
  • Paint- I used spray paint (silver)
  • Silver Bell

Wooden NOEL Sign Christmas Craft


Step 1 – Line up your letters on your flat piece of wood, space them apart to your liking, making sure to

leave a spot between the N and the E for the bell (measure that out).

Wooden NOEL Sign Christmas Craft

Step 2 – Draw a line on your wood where the nail for each letter would need to be, make sure you find

the thickest part of the bottom of each letter to avoid splitting your wood. If your letters are thin I

would suggest just using wood glue or a glue gun to avoid this all together! Plus it is easier and pretty


Step 3 – Put a nail through each marking make sure each one goes all the way through your bottom


Step 4 – Remove the nails and put them through the holes on the opposite side (reverse them)- this way

your nails and letters will be in the actual position you wanted them in.

Wooden NOEL Sign Christmas Craft

Step 5 – Place the letters on top of each nail and hammer them slowly in- it works best if you use a piece

of wood between the hammer and the letter to avoid breaking your letters- this distributes the weight

and the blow. Again , if you have thin letters just skip the nails and glue, glue, glue.

Step 6 – Once all your letters are in place and your glue dry (if you used it) paint your project and let it

dry. Remember to get all the crevices in the letters, and on the back , front and sides!

Step 7 – Secure your bell between the N and the E of your piece. I liked how mine looked on its side. I

would suggest using some type of glue for this since there isn’t a high likelihood that the hole of your

bell will be touching the wood- plus it would be less secure and rather mobile with a nail.

Step 8 –  Display your lovely Wooden Noel Christmas craft in your home or give it to a friend.


There you have it!  This is a quick and simple Christmas craft that is also easy on the wallet. Make the season brighter with this handmade wooden Noel sign!

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