Indoor Activities for Toddlers To Do While You Get Organized

One of the hardest parts about organizing, when you have young children, is finding indoor activities for toddlers to do while you get organized.  There are so many times when they get bored easily and always want to “help” by unloading the box you just loaded or adding things to it when your not looking!

Are you looking for indoor activities for toddlers? These activities will keep them occupied while you clean, organize or anything else you need to do!

I always try to organize when the kids are not around, but sometimes You have no choice, and you just need to get it done.  I saw these quiet time bins on Keeper of the Home and realized that these could be used in so many ways to keep toddlers occupied. So I put together some of these and got a few other ideas that have been working wonders!

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7 Simple Room Decor Ideas For Decorating With Leaves

Leaves are in abundance during the fall season, so why not take advantage of them by using them as part of your room decor ideas? Leaves are perfect for using around the home and in the garden, and can offer many practical and even fun uses in DIY projects.

Are you looking for simple room decor ideas? These 7 simple room decor ideas for decorating with leaves are an easy and frugal way to decorate your home!

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Easy DIY Home Decor Wreath For Fall for Under $10

Nothing greets your guests quite like a festive wreath on your front door. This fall, why not dress up your entryway with a colorful fall wreath such as this one?

Make a DIY home decor wreath for fall from dollar items such as a wreath foam, scrap fabric or ribbon, felt leaves and hot glue. Also for other seasons!

This frugal fall wreath is so easy to make, yet looks like something that came out of a craft boutique. You don’t need to be a crafty queen to make this, nor do you need to spend a lot of cash. In fact, with just a few household materials and a couple of supplies from your local Dollar Tree, you have everything you need to get started. Take a peek!

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Ham and Split Pea Soup Recipe

This ham and split pea soup recipe is one of our family favorites this time of year.  It is so easy to make and have very minimal ingredients, so it is a great split pea soup recipe on a budget.

Try this yummy ham and split pea soup recipe this winter season. It is great with leftover ham and is really filling for the whole family including babies

Split peas can be bought at any time of year for about the same price.  This mixed with carrots and potatoes (both in season in the fall and winter months) and ham (that was a bit we had left over) makes for a great tasting and small effort healthy meal.  This can be prepared with or without the ham; the ham just adds a little flavor.  If you don’t have the ham, you can make it without and just use a bit more salt and pepper.

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4 Reasons Why Iphone is Better for Busy Moms

This post on 4 reasons why iPhone is better for busy moms is sponsored by Verizon

I resisted getting a smartphone for a lot of years.  I liked the simple phones, and I didn’t ant to get stuck on my phone instead of being with my family.  But when my husband started law school, and things got crazy, I quickly realized why iPhone is better for busy moms.

Are you looking for reasons why iPhone is better for busy moms? These are the 4 reasons I love my iPhone and I think it perfect for every mom.

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