Edible Thanksgiving Kids Craft: Teepees

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Thanksgiving Kids Craft

Thanksgiving morning can be crazy and there is always lots of things happening. This thanksgiving kids craft is a great way to keep kids occupied and give them a little snack to keep their fingers out of the dinner foods!

These adorable ice cream cone teepees are great for using as representation of the indians and also a tasty treat for dessert! You can use these as just simply decoration or you can actually use them to eat out of! They are super easy to make and they look adorable and awesome! I hope you enjoy, let’s get started on how to make them!

-Sugar cones or Waffle cones
-Straws, pretzel sticks, OR carrot sticks

-First you need to cut off the tip of the ice cream cone using a knife
-Next, melt your chocolate. I used semi/sweet chocolate chips and the bag tells you how to simply melt your chips into a great consistency for this project!
-Now, taking your cones take the open side and dip it in your melted chocolate, immediately put the sprinkles on as your chocolate might dry too fast if you don’t!
-If you have pretzel sticks or carrot sticks you can use them as the tops of the teepees as this make the whole thing edible, if not you can use something simple like straws, this is what i did and they still look adorable!


What is your favorite thanksgiving kids craft you have done with your kids?

*You can use these as ice cream cones still, throw it a little chocolate over the hole you cut in the tip and allow it to harden!

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5 Tips for Raising Smart Money Kids

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raising smart money kids


Raising kids is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. Raising smart money kids is an even tougher job. Are you up for the challenge? When kids are raised as smart money kids they become smart money adults that will be good managers of money.  This should always be our goal as parents to raise good managers of life.

These five tips on raising smart money kids will help you focus on raising kids who are smart about their money.

Tips for Raising Smart Money Kids

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How to Keep Track of Individual Bills + Free Printable

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How to Track Individual Bills

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to keep track of each individual bill you own? This Individual Bill Worksheet is perfect for this. It allows you to see when the you paid the bill, the amount you paid, and what your balance is. This is great for keeping track of your bills without having to keep track of each actual bill in your home.

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Saving Grocery Money By Cooking From Scratch

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Saving Grocery Money

If you are new to this series you may want to start at the beginning HERE 

Saving grocery money can be tough.  People like certain tastes and sometimes those tastes cost money.  One simple change you can make to save some money is by cooking from scratch.  This has always been something I have loved to do. I never realized the benefits it has to my family or to my pocketbook until I was married for a few years.

I was saving grocery money each time I turned on the stove and started tossing whatever was on my shelf into the pot.  This was something that was very therapeutic for me.  When I began calculating the savings, I was even more excited!

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How to Track Monthly Bills+Free Printable

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My husband and I are not new to having to pay bills, especially since he’s been through law school and now we’re living with debt. Since he’s done with law school, it’s important we take the time to know what bills are due and when. Paying a bill late is not an option, so that’s one reason I created this bills worksheet! Here’s a little more on this worksheet and how it can help your budget.

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