Cranberry Orange Chicken Crockpot Recipe

This is a fast and easy crockpot recipe. It takes about 15 minutes to put together and it cooks on it's own until dinner!

  Since we have stopped using coupons, I have started to shop as local as I can to save more money.  Foster Farms Simply Raised sponsored this recipe to give me the opportunity to use their locally grown, antibiotic-free chicken as my local shopping includes our meat. Fresno is known for its location for produce, […]


7 Healthy and Fun Back to School Breakfasts

Are you looking for new breakfast ideas for back to school? These 7 back to school breakfast ideas include fruit, nuts, grains and yogurt.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially back to school breakfasts!  A healthy breakfast is a perfect way to start your child’s day right. Cereal and milk can get boring, and donuts aren’t exactly healthy. So what are some better options? There are so many options for breakfast ideas that have sugar, […]

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13 Green Food Ideas for St Patrick’s Day

Green Breakfast

We have a tradition in our family that dinner time is green every St. Patricks day!  We love green food and the kids love that as well.  I have been on the hunt for some new green food recipes to spice up the meals this year.  And since we are trying to save money on […]

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11 Must Have Tools and Gadgets for Cooking on a Budget

cooking on a budget

Cooking on a budget can be a challenge sometimes.  especially when you kitchen isn’t stocked with the tools you need to cook from scratch. Here are my top picks to tools I use regularly in my kitchen that help me to cook on a budget.  Each of these have many uses in our house and […]

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Black Bean Soup: A Family Meal On A Budget

Family Meal On a Budget

Who doesn’t like a nice bowl of creamy soup on a cold day.  Here in Southern California The days are still warm and some days feels like summer.  But I still LOVE soup this time of year so I cook it all the time. This soup has quickly become a favorite in our family.  We […]

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