Easy and Quick Way to Shred Chicken in 30 Seconds

Easy Shredded Chicken

Easy and Quick Way to Shred Chicken in 30 Seconds

I have seen a pin on pintrest come up every so often of how to shred chicken easily.

While we have a stand mixer, it is not easily accessible and to just shred chicken it seemed a little silly to get it down just for that and have to wash it all out.

So I decided I was going to find a new and easier way to do with with much less clean up.

I thought what about my potato masher?

So I pulled it out and started mashing my boiled chicken.  30 seconds later I had a perfectly shredded bowl of chicken!  I didn’t even have to wait for it to cool!

Easy to do, easy to clean up!  Perfect solution!

Check out some frugal recipes you can make with chicken!



  1. I do it just as quick with my hand mixer. No extra bowls. Super fast. I love being able to use shredded chicken in a jiffy.

  2. As someone who could now be a jewel thief due to having my finger prints burnt off from hot chicken, I greatly appreciate this!

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