Simple Bathroom Organization Ideas To Maximize Storage Space

Bathroom organization

Bathroom organization ideas can be hard to come by.  Bathrooms are all so different.  Different shapes, different sizes, different needs and jobs of those who use them.  Maximizing your storage space can be a very individual thing.  So it is … Continue reading →

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Cranberry Orange Bread Recipe

Freshly baked homemade delicious cranberry orange bread

This week I made the most wonderful cranberry orange bread.  Since I have never made orange cranberry bread I didn't know how it tasted, but I honestly was expecting for it to be a lot sweeter than it was.  I was actually happy it wasn't sweeter … Continue reading →

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How to Improve Your Health for Free!

Learn how to improve your health with these 22 ideas for free exercise. Ideas include indoor and outdoor activities!  Find out what works best for you!

I am going to tell you a secret.... you ready???  I hate exercise!  There I said it!  I hate exercise.  I get that exercise is how to improve your health and all, but there is nothing about it that is fun to me, so spending money on it is a very hard … Continue reading →


Take Back Your Life With A Stay At Home Mom Schedule

My stay at home mom schedule has changed over time. I now includes making schedules and a housekeeping schedule for moms!

I hate making schedules like a stay at home mom schedule.  I am not one to live on a schedule because it is impossible for me to accomplish it all.  I usually get so frustrated and feel like a failure because I didn't get it done. (I know, I know, … Continue reading →

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How To Declutter Your Home And Get Organized

how to declutter your home

It is not easy at times to declutter your home.  I have always struggled to get organized.  But I have learned a valuable lesson as I have struggled with this.  I have learned first hand the cost of clutter. … Continue reading →