7 Ways To Find Couples Time During A Family Vacation

Your marriage is just as important as the fun times with your kids. These ways to find couples time during a family vacation can revolutionize how you spend your road trip time together. Focus on the whole family by encouraging time alone with your spouse to recharge and find the spark again. Even when on vacation, it is possible to love your wife or husband how they need to be loved.

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7 Ways To Find Couples Time During A Family Vacation

Take advantage of theme park camps

There are many theme parks that have kids camps you can purchase along with your tickets. These can be special guided tours or all day special character events. Check with the park before you make your travel plans to see if they have any camps or tours. During these tours, kids can go with a guide and give you and your spouse a few hours alone. This can give you time to go back to the hotel, or enjoy rides and restaurants without kids in tow.

Bring along a babysitter

An older sibling, local teen, or even grandparent can come along on your trip. They can help you keep the kids safe and happy while you step out for a few hours.  Use this time to go to dinner, take a stroll on the beach or even head back to the room for private time.

Travel to visit family

Work your family vacation around visiting an out of town grandparent or relative. This gives you a built in babysitter and a discount on hotel stays if they have room for you to crash at their house . This is a great way to have quality family time.

Book a suite for privacy

Instead of grabbing the traditional double room in a hotel or motel, upgrade to a suite that gives you a separate bedroom with a door. After the kids are in bed, you can shut the door and have time alone. During this time you can relax, talk, watch movies or more.

Ask concierge for a babysitter

Many hotels in larger areas offer an on-site daycare or kids center that you can pay to have a few hours alone. Your kids play, make crafts or watch movies with a qualified child care individual while you get time away.

Take showers together

Sometimes you just have to find time to be alone for even a few minutes. A shower together offers some privacy and a bit of intimacy you need. It doesn’t have to get too intimate, just spending those few minutes alone can really recharge your relationship during your vacation.

Order room service after kids are asleep

Even if you have to share a small space, you can still enjoy some quiet conversation and focus on each other. A bottle of sparkling cider, some berries or a decadent chocolate dessert can be brought up to your room after the kids are asleep. Snuggle up and share while chatting about your trip, your goals or what you’d like to accomplish when you get back home.

These ways to find couples time during a family vacation are easy to include into your schedule. With a bit of planning in advance, you can have a great family experience that also helps to build your marriage relationship in the process.

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