12 Ingredient Substitution Tips Frugal Recipes Use

Have you ever been cooking a recipe and realize your out of something you need?  It happens to me ALL the time! Cooking and baking can call for some special ingredients that can add up quickly and do a number on your wallet. But how can you enjoy these recipes without spending a whole lot? […]

Frugal Pumpkin Squares Recipe

It is October and that means it is time to get out your pumpkin and make some yummy recipes with it!  I can’t go through the month with at least making one thing that has pumpkin in it.  These frugal pumpkin squares recipe is one that will become a classic pumpkin recipe in your home. […]

5 Easy Beef Stuffed Pepper Recipes

Stuffed Peppers were on sale this week at Kroger stores.  When I saw how much they were and the ingredients that were in them I realized that there are much better tasting options out there.  Check out there 5 beef stuffed pepper recipes that are quick, easy and tastes really good! Walking Mexican Stuffed Peppers […]

Cashew Cream Recipe: A Dairy Free Sour Cream Substitute

  As I have been on the lookout for new and exciting frugal recipes that are dairy and soy free.  I was making a dish that needed sour cream, and due to my dairy and soy free diet, I am not able to use sour cream so I went on the internet and searched for […]

How To Cook From Scratch

Learning how to cook from scratch can be a very easy process if you break it down.  It is definitely a process.  One, that for a lot of people, happens over time.  There is no need to rush the process or to thing you have to jump in with 2 feet if you are going […]

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