How to Stretch Your Family Food Budget

Food is typically a big part of the family’s budget and finding ways to stretch your family food budget can feel like a mystery. Check out some of these ways in which you can stretch your family food budget without losing your sanity.

Are you looking for how to stretch your family food budget? These 4 tips will teach you simple ways to stretch your money without missing what you love.

How to Stretch Your Family Food Budget

Make Bulk Meals

When you are making your own food, it seems to be cheaper to buy foods in bulk. When you do this, you can make 2-5 large portions and freeze them for later. This is also a great way to do grocery shopping on a budget because you can buy lots of things as they are on sale.

Plan Out Your Meals

How many times have you went to the supermarket to discover you didn’t even get what was on your list. meal planning on a budget and writing down exactly what you need from the store will help you stay on track. This can be hard sometimes but you will see a huge difference as you

Keep Overall Costs Cheap

In a world where it’s important to try and feed your family the best out there, costs can really add up. Don’t beat yourself up if you are doing your best to feed your family on what you can afford. You can stretch your family food budget by buying lower cost items (off brand). Also, couponing and paying attention to sale items will help you keep those costs low.

Making Your Own

There’s nothing that can help stretch your family food budget more than making your own. Take a box of pancake mix for example. If you pay $3.00 for a box of pancakes and only get 20-30 pancakes out of it, you are really missing out because you can make your own from scratch and really make your food budget go further.

Don’t forget that growing your own fruit and veggies is one of the best ways for you to stretch your food budget. You can normally start a garden at low cost or for free.

Using these tips will help you to make the most of your family food budget.  You will eat healthier and your family will be happy even on a small budget!

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