Halloween Decor DIY: Spiders and Monsters and Ghosts Printable

This easy halloween decor DIY will liven up your home in seconds and make it ready for the holidays!

October is finally here!  My kids are REALLY excited to do some Halloween decor DIY.  My son actually told me today that we needed to go to the store and get some more decorations because our house wasn’t spooky enough. #parentfail

While I am not super into the spooky side of Halloween I do think it is important to have some festive decorations up.  When I was a kid we didn’t do much decorating for anything but Christmas.  We did always have a few things out.  We always knew it was fall and Halloween when the porch became a scarecrow and hay haven!

I didn’t realize until I was older just how much this helped me to feel like fall had finally arrived until I was older and had kids of my own.  Life gets crazy, but I think it is still important to make some changes around the house so the kids feel the change to fall even if the weather outside doesn’t show it.

I decided to use one of the frames we already have and add a Halloween printable to it to make it a cute and cheap decoration!  I added a couple of SUPER cheap decorations from Walmart and Target to make over our shelf into a Cute Halloween decor DIY!

I also wanted to share it with you so you can have some cheap Halloween decor DIY in your home too!

Halloween Printable

Spiders and Monsters and Ghosts Halloween decor DIY

What is your favorite decoration for Halloween decor DIY?  Do you like spooky or cute Halloween decor?

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