Storing Ground Wheat

Sometimes fridays sneak up on me!  This is one of those fridays!  I just lost track of time and here it is almost 9:00 and I just realized that I needed to post this!!!  I know, I’m a bit absent minded at times.

I want to talk abotu storage of wheat after you grind it into flour.  I wanted to kind of ask the readers this question.  I did a little reading up on the subject and there seems to be conflicting opinions on storage and usage.  So I want to see what you are doing and what you think it best.  after reading some times I changed what I did and now I am thinking I may change it up again.

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The first option is to grind wheat and if you don’t use it all put it in your fridge.  The second is to always use what you grind because storage always will take some of the nutrients out of the four by letting it sit.

I originally stored my store bought ground wheat on the shelf in my pantry.  then after reading that it should be refrigerated I decided that when I started grinding my own I would store it in the fridge.  but I don’t store my unground wheat in the fridge just whatever I don’t use after I grind some.  So I started doing that, but I am wondering if it would be betetr for me to figure out how much wheat makes what amount of flour and only grind what I am using right then.

What is your opinion?  What do you do with yoru wheat?  Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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