5 Tips to Help You Be an Expert Money Saver

I was born an expert money saver.  When I was 6, I received a book from my grandma with $10 in $2 bills.  I still have every one of those!  My husband, on the other hand, was not born that way.  He was a born spender.  Saving money does not come easily for him, but […]

4 Ways To Save Money on Back To School Clothes

It is back to school time, and there are many things to buy including back to school clothes.  The clothes buying process can get very expensive so here are some tips on saving money on back to school clothes.

What to Invest in Now so You Can Save Later

Saving money isn’t always about saving.  Sometimes you have to know what to invest in now so you can save it later.  This was a hard concept for me to understand for a while.  I am not a spender.  My husband struggled to get me to spend money even when it was needed.  I am a […]

12 Easter Basket Ideas for Under $5 each!

Easter is just around the corner and it is time to start looking out for easy Easter Basket ideas!  It is always hard to find usable easter basket ideas that are not only candy.  I like to start looking early and save as much as possible. While I love the holiday, I hate spending lots […]

How To Save Money on Prom Hair and Makeup

You have the perfect dress, accessories, and date. Dinner reservations are set, and you are excited to go to prom. Now, what will you do with your hair and makeup and how will you afford to splurge on one last expense? Here are some tips to save money on prom hair-dos and make-up. How To […]

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