2 Paths, 1 Choice: Doing What is Right no Matter What the Consequences

sometimes when you have 2 good paths it is hard to know which is the right choice for you. It is one of the scariest times in your life when you answer comes out to a different path then you thought.

After we had our life completely turned upside down with the news that we had lost the opportunity for my husband to be in the highway patrol and deciding that we had a lot to figure out,  We decided to press forward and find which of the 2 paths was doing what is right.

The next couple days we prayed and prayed.  We both didn’t really feel one way or another.  It was almost as if this was the Lord testing us to see what we would do.  But we kept praying, knowing that we would get the answer we needed. 

After a few days we stated to have little things happen that showed us the Lords will. We were not aware of them at the time.  Infact we thought a lot of them were pretty weird, random things happening.  The Lord was guiding us and we didn’t even know it!  Anyone else have that happen to them?  I think this is where we look back and think “it was so obvious!!!  How did we miss that??” 

The first thing happened was after my husband spoke in church.  For those of you who aren’t members of the LDS faith or familiar with how their church day goes, during the first meting there are speakers who get up and each speak on a different topic.  These people are chosen ahead of time from the congregation.  They are given time to search the Scriptures and pray and prepare so they will be able to teach what the spirit guides them to teach.

My husband was asked to speak that day.  His topic was in no way related to what we were praying about, nor did he prepare it with that in mind.  He did a great job and got across what he wanted to teach totally oblivious of what was going to happen.

After the meeting, he was approached by a couple who we had not talked much with.  The first thing they asked him was if he was going to be a lawyer?  He thought that was an odd question and hesitantly answered “Nope!  Not in the plans for me.” (obviously we were totally oblivious to our future!)

Later in the church day (our church is 3 hours long) he was told by another person that he should be a lawyer because he was such a good public speaker.  He came home and told me about this and we both agreed it was very strange. Again TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS!!!!  #indenial

The third thing that happened, which was the last one we needed to know the Lords will (because I am stubborn, but not THAT stubborn) came later that week at school.  One of his political science teachers asked him if he was going to law school.  At this point, Matthew was like, what in the world is going on???  He told him no, that he was not planning on it.  The teacher then told him that he had an internship at a legal office that he thought Matthew would have been perfect for but he needed to be going to law school to do it.

Matthew came home and told me about this and all I could say is “Matthew, this is the third time this has come up. Maybe we should consider it.”  Matthew quickly shut me down and said that He was not made to be a Lawyer.  

coming together

The next day was Saturday and we decided to go do our shopping for the week.  My wonderful husband has always lovingly kept me company while grocery shopping because I HATE it!  Well, we had to go by Trader Joes and as we walk in my husband looks over and there is that teacher.  It was a sign!!!!!  Matthew said hi to him and we kept walking.  He then told me that was the teacher who asked about the law stuff.  I stopped dead in my tracks, my mouth dropped open and I stared at him for a minute.  Then I said to him…. “what are you waiting for!!!  Go talk with him about the internship!!!!”

He looked at me for a second with a shocked look on his face.  I said “We have to do this!!!  This has come up too many times in the last week for us to not listen!”  He then understood.  He didn’t like it because he never wanted to doit, but he knew what was being told to him. So he went to find his teacher.  He was just leaving the store, so I checked out and came outside while Matthew walked over to his teacher to talk with him.  Matthew came over shortly after and told me how excited his teacher was about the opportunity for him.

There were so many conflicting feelings for us at that point.  We knew what we had been told, but there was no desire for this to be our path in life.  We did not understand how all of this would work out or how long we would be on this path.  It was kind of scary to be in this completely unknown place where we really didn’t want to be.

Over the next few weeks we continued to pray to know for sure that this was right for us.  I have never felt so strongly that this was our path and it scared me to death.  This was never in our plans, and how was it going to work out anyways.  So I decided to do what any good follower would do when told to do something… I decided to not think about it!

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