Yogurt Cheese Cake Recipe


This last week I got a ton of greek yogurt from Dannon.  While my kids love it, I like to try new recipes when I get such good deals.  You never know what type of things you could get from it.  So when I saw this recipe I had to try it.  sadly I have another month before my dairy free diet comes to an end so it will have to wait.  For me that is… 😉

Some one NEEDS to make this and tell me how it is.  It sounds so scrumptious!  Here is the recipe:

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1/2 Cups Ground Cookie Crumbs
1 1/4 Cup Sugar, Divided
1/4 Cup Butter, Melted
4 Large Eggs, 1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract
2 Tbsp. Flour
3 Cups Dannon Oikos Plain or Vanilla Yogurt


  • Combine the ground cookies, 1/4 C. Sugar, and melted butter in a small bowl.  Press into the bottom of a lightly greased 9″ spring form pan.
  • Beat together the eggs and the remaining 1 C sugar. Add the Vanilla and flour and mix to blend thoroughly.  Gently whisk in the yogurt.  Pour batter into the prepared pan and bake 45-50 minutes or until barely set in center.  Turn off oven and cook cake in oven
  • Bring cake to room temp. then refrigerate at least 4 hours or overnight.  Serve cake with berries

Ok, now who is going to cook it for me and tell me how it is???

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