5 Budgeting Tips for Families When You Are Paying With Cash

Paying with cash can be comfortable and uncomfortable.  It is something that can make you think but can be very hard to do because you have to analyze every purchase. But it is also one of the easiest ways to solidify a budget and stay on budget. … Continue reading →

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10 Tips For Having A Budget Friendly Fall Wedding Of Your Dreams

Are you looking for tips for having a budget friendly fall wedding? Did you know more than 30% of weddings are held in the fall months? It’s becoming more and more popular for those wanting an outdoor wedding or rustic themed wedding. The … Continue reading →

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Walking Mexican Stuffed Peppers With No Rice Recipe

 So I have a beef with stuffed peppers. They are too tall. And hard to eat. Do you just bite into it and risk everything falling out? Use a fork to eat it? Do you cut it up and eat it by bites? Therefore I need to introduce... Walking Mexican … Continue reading →


How to Use Ralphs Fuel Rewards Program By Shopping Ralphs Low Prices

Ralphs New Low Prices and Fuel Rewards Program

Ralphs can be a great place to shop with their Ralphs low prices and their Ralphs fuel rewards program!  They can create the perfect combo of savings.  But it important to know what to look for and how to shop at Ralphs so you can make the most of … Continue reading →


Copycat Chicken Bake Recipe: A Simple Meal For Two or More

Are you looking for a copycat chicken bake recipe that makes chicken bakes that tastes like Costco's? This recipe for chicken bakes is a simple meal for two or more. They are super quick to make and really yummy! you can make the bakes as big or small as you would like and the make great freezer meals!

Have you ever made this copycat chicken bake recipe?  When I was younger, I had to go off dairy for a while.  This meant no Costco chicken bakes.  However, I LOVED them.  So I had to make a way for me to get the same taste without the stuff I could … Continue reading →

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