Saving Money At the Grocery Store by Making a Stock Pile

Saving Money At the Grocery Store by Making a Stock Pile


One of the most important things you can do to be saving money at the grocery store is to make a stock pile. This means you are buying enough items to last your family until the next sale. This way you are only buying items on sale. This is probably one of the biggest money saving things you can do besides using coupons. It will save you so much money.  This doesn’t mean to clear shelves or buy things you don’t use, or hoard, it means to buy as much as you use in a 3-4 month period.

So what do you do with all those items? We recently moved from a 3 bedroom apt. with very little storage. We had to get creative with where we put our stock pile. We also had to limit ourselves to what we could purchase and how much of each item we could have. We stored items in closets, bathrooms, laundry rooms and bedrooms. We converted 1/2 of 2 of our closets to storage shelves for our stock pile. We put things under beds as much as we could.

We limited ourselves to only purchasing items that could fit in our space. That ment we had limits on each item. once the limit was reached we stopped buying. This kept our stock pile under control and saved us money! We were never without by limiting ourselves. We always had much more then we could have ever asked for and were able to give of our excess.

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  1. Melissa–I completely agree! Life got crazy, and I stopped stockpiling, and I ran out of mouthwash. I had to pay full price for mouthwash…something I have not done in years. And of course, the next week there was free mouthwash at Rite Aid after UP rewards. So I stocked up on 2 free mouthwashes, and 2 at $0.75. I reminded myself why I stock pile!

    1. Glad a sale came that fast for you! It really makes a big difference when you take a break!

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