Frugal Freezer Burrito Recipe

A couple days ago I posted on facebook that I was doing a small freezer cooking day.  I had soaked 3 lbs of beans and was needing to make something with them.  So I made 2 batches of chili, 1 batch of Taco Meat with beans, 20 freezer burritos and a pot of re-fried beans for Mexican Lasagna.

Some of you have heard of people doing once a month cooking.  well, I have a hard time doing that much cooking in 1 day.  I am however able to make a few meals at once and freeze some.  So When I was making beans for the burritos I decided to make a few extra things.  This way I am able to have convenient food when I need it and cutting prep time by prepping lots of meals with the same ingredients at the same time.

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I have been asked by a few people the recipe for the Burritos.  I was inspired when I saw this video by Life As Mom on how she folds her burritos.  I decided to make my own and here is what I did.

1 pack of Tortillas ( big or small it is up to you)
about a lb of beans
about 1/2 lb ground beef cooked
1 pack of taco seasoning (add as much water as shown on pack)
garlic powder to taste

1. Mix all ingredients together and add water. let it boil down to make a thick sauce.
2. take 1 tortilla and add a scoop of the beef/bean mixture and put it on tortilla
3. add as much cheese as you want
4. roll tortilla as shown in the video
5. put in freezer bag for storage

It is that simple!! I was able to do 20 of these in about 25-30 min. including cooking time was less then an hour. Definitely worth it for a quick meal that is SO much better then the store bought ones!

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  1. what a great idea! Now I wish I had room in my freezer to do these.

    1. After I finished putting the finished products into the freezer, my husband said no more stuff until we eat what is int here because it is so full! To much produce in there! 😉

    2. I’ve been doing freezer cooking for a couple of years, and occasionally get together with a friend to cook for three months in one day. I also do mini sessions (like Melissa’s) on my own when I’m feeling up to it. It’s so nice to have food that anyone can pop in the oven/microwave or on the grill. I found my standing freezer on craigslist for $50.

  2. Melissa, what kind of beans do you use?

    1. I usually use pinto or black beans for most of my dry bean cooking. Canned beans I use just about all of them.

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