5 Ways to Save Money In The Home


Save Money In The HomeRunning a household budget can get overwhelming and expensive! There are so many costs that go into running a home but there are also several ways you can save money in the home. Saving money in your home just takes a little creativity and determination.  By looking outside the box you can learn many ways to save money at home.

5 Ways to Save Money In The Home

1. Get Organized – Take a weekend and get your home organized from top to bottom! Go through every corner of the house and make sure everything you own has a place. You should also create two piles, one for things for the trash and another for a garage sale. Keeping your home organized will ensure you know exactly what you have, this will eliminate the need to buy things you already have. When we aren’t organized it is easy to think we don’t have something when we really do.

2. Make a Menu – Spend some time every week or every month, which ever works best for your family and make a menu. Knowing what your family will be eating each night of the week will save you from running out to buy fast food or items at the grocery store. It is easy to look at your menu every morning and see what you will having for dinner. Having a menu has saved my family a lot of money!

3. Lower Your Utility Usage – There are two ways you can save here. First, start watching your utility usage. When you leave a room turn off the lights, lower thermostat during the winter and turn it higher during the summer. Most people tend to pay attention to their electric usage but don’t forget about water! If you pay for water, you will want to start taking short showers, doing only 1 load of dishes a day and paying attention to water usage in the yard. If possible put your sprinklers on a timer.

4. Create a Budget – If you don’t have a budget it is hard to know where your money is going. Sit down with your spouse and create a family budget. This budget can be as complicated or as uncomplicated as you want it to be. The goal here is to know how much money you have coming in and how it is going to be spent. Being fully aware of your household finances will save your family a lot of money.

5. Have a Garage Sale – Once or twice a year go through your home and gather up items your family is no longer using. Hold a garage sale to bring in some extra income. Having a garage sale once or twice a year can give your family some extra fun money or a bigger cushion in your savings account!

What are ways you save money in the home??

Share them in the comments so others can save too!

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  1. Gina Caro says:

    You’ve got some great tips there. We have a massive clear out every so often and sell any bit that we no longer want, that always helps to make a bit of extra cash. I really need to do the first one, our house is getting out of control at the moment. I’ll put it on my, never ending, list of things to do 🙂

    1. I have one of those lists too… someday…. 😉

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