How to Calm Back to School Fears
 and Anxieties

If you have a child who is starting a new school, or, like mine, just has back to school fears and anxieties, you might be wondering how to soothe them. Back to school anxiety is common in children, and luckily there are some easy ways to diffuse it. Take a look below at how to calm back to school fears in children, and help them get off to a confident start.

Do you have a child that needs to calm back to school fears? Here are some ways you can help them through their back to school fears and anxieties.

How to Calm Back to School Fears
 and Anxieties

1. Tour the school

A few weeks before school begins, take a tour. Let your child see the classrooms, where the lunch room is, or where the restrooms and other relevant spaces are. This is a very good time for them to get a first-hand look at what to expect so they won’t start off the year in an unfamiliar place.

2. Introduce them to the faculty

Have your child write their soon to be teacher a letter introducing themselves. You can also take them to the school a few days before the start of the year to meet the teacher, principal, and other prominent faculty members. This will help them find some familiar faces on the first day of school and calm back to school fears and anxieties significantly.

3. Arrange some summer playgroups

Try to arrange some play groups during the summer months. There should include children your child will be going to school with. This way they can make some friends and again have some familiar faces when that first day of school comes along.

4. Go over procedures with your child

Go over some basic procedures about what to do if they get lost, get bullied, or can’t find something. Having necessary procedures in place will help them feel confident if they encounter one of these uncomfortable situations.

5. Give them hints of your support

Pack a note in their lunch, or stick a post it on their folder so they know you are thinking of them. You can even stick a note or small trinket in their pocket so they can reach for if they are nervous and need to feel your love.

6. Keep them nourished

Be sure your child is getting enough rest, water, and exercise each day. This will help them feel healthy and energized and get them off to a good start each and every day.

7. Establish routines

One of the best ways to calm back to school fears is having routines. These routines include in place for drop off, pick up, homework, and other school related tasks will help your child feel secure. Make sure you have procedures in place that you stick to so they always know what to expect. This also helps with your routine as well!

The new school year can cause back to school fears and anxiety in children, but luckily these steps can help ease their minds from the back to school worries. Give them a try with your child if they seem to be experiencing back to school fears! They could very well give them the confidence and security they need.

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