Using a Meal Plan to Save Money On Groceries

Save Money on Groceries

The first step to save money on groceries is having a plan.  Without a plan nothing works as well and you end up spending more then you want to.

When you set up a menu plan your goal is to have a plan so you don’t waste food.  Many people shop and shop and only use a fraction of what they buy.  This other food is wasted food which is wasted money.  When you menu plan, you make sure you are using the items in your home before the expire.

You can menu plan a week, every 2 weeks, or every month.  Whatever you choose is perfectly fine and the right way to do it.  All that matters is that it works for you.  But no matter what timing you choose there are a few things you can do to ensure that you are making the most of the plan.

Using a Meal Plan to Save Money On Groceries

  1. Do an inventory of items you have before you make your plan.  When you do your inventory, you want to make note of anything you have to make meals with.  This will be the base of your meal plan as well.
  2. Make your meal plan around what you have.  This will keep your food rotated and ensure you use items before they expire.
  3. Make a list of items you need to finish off the meals.  Take that list when you save money on grocery shopping and only get what is on the list.
  4. Keep your inventory updated as you get more items in from the grocery store.  This will make this process of planning easier and quicker.
  5. Plan meals that are alike in ingredients this way you can save time by prepping once.  It will also help with planning quicker.
  6. If you are the type of person that likes to just have a list instead of a set schedule that is fine.  But if you decide to have a set schedule don’t be afraid to switch things up if you don’t want what is on the schedule for the night.  Just switch them with something else and make what you want.

Making a plan and using what you have will save you lots of money.  You will make less trips to the store and you will learn what you buy so you don’t buy lots of things you don’t use.

What tips do you have to add so you can learn how to save money on food?  Add any tips or comments you have in the comments below!  



  1. nice article. m

  2. Great post! We have recently started meal planning in our household of 9 (My sister’s family and mine have assimilated for a while).

    It makes dinner time a breeze – no more wondering what to cook! And really does help save $$$ in the grocery shopping.

    (found you via blogfrog)

  3. Such great tips! I need to forward this to my husband – he’s the stay-at-home and keeps running to the store every morning for dinner food. Uh, whatever happened to planning in advance? 😉

  4. Meal planning is SO key. I KNOW I have to get on board with this. I keep telling myself this, but my schedule without work right now is so wonky all plans tend to flake-out on me!

    I am going to try again. Your post is reminding me of the importance of such an act. I can’t really afford not to!

    Thanks. 😉

  5. Mercedes Rodriguez says:

    I definitely meal plan out of necessity to keep to my food budget. I plan dinners based on what is on sale for the week. One week I got lazy and just went to store to buy something to make for dinner…and ending spending almost my weekly budgeted amount on preparing one dinner! I am no longer lazy when it comes to meal planning. And I always plan on leftovers 1 night a week, to make sure I am not wasting any food by throwing it out! We may not eat lavish dinners, but we do not go hungry!!

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