7 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Back to School

Are you looking for healthy breakfast ideas for back to school?  A healthy breakfast is a perfect way to start your child’s day right. Cereal and milk can get boring, and donuts aren’t exactly healthy. So what are some better options for fast breakfasts?

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There are so many options for breakfast ideas that have sugar, I wanted to have some ideas that are quick and healthy while still being something the kids can help make.  Take a peek below at 7 healthy and fun back to school breakfasts perfect for starting your child’s day on the right foot!

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7 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Back to School

1. Banana boats

Peel a banana and place it in a bowl. Let your child top it with healthy toppings such as fruit, nuts, or coconut. When done, hand them a spoon and let them dig in. It is like a healthier version of a banana split, but just as fun for kids.

2. Breakfast pizzas

Melt some low-fat cheese on an English muffin. Add some bacon crumbles or chopped vegetables if you wish as well. It is the perfect hand-held breakfast that your child is sure to love as well as love eating.

3. Fruit tornadoes

This is the best make-ahead meal of healthy breakfast ideas. Add some low-fat yogurt and fresh chopped fruit to a blender. You can even add a little fruit juice or honey if you wish. Blend well and serve in a glass with a fun straw. Kids will love whipping up their own concoction as well as drinking it.

4. Yogurt bites

Place spoonfuls of yogurt on a sheet of wax paper (placed on a cookie sheet) and freeze. Once solid you can peel them off and enjoy them as cool bite-sized snacks. You can even add finely chopped fruit to the yogurt prior to freezing if you wish.

5. Fruit leather

Blend some fresh fruit and a little honey in a blender until you have a smooth mixture. Pour it into a food dehydrator tray and dehydrate according to product directions. When done you can peel the leather off for a quick breakfast on the go.

6. Trail mix

Make a breakfast trail mix complete with granola, dried fruit, almonds, and shredded coconut. Place it in baggies so in the mornings all you need to do is grab it and go. It can even be stirred into a yogurt cup or your oatmeal for extra flavor.

7. Toasted peanut butter

Consider toasting a peanut butter sandwich and adding in sliced fruit. You can also try a little honey. Cut the bread out with cookie cutters prior to toasting for some extra back to school fun.

Making a healthy yet fun breakfast for back to school can be easy when you give these tips a try. Don’t let your child out the door without being properly fueled, add these healthy and hearty breakfast ideas to your menu plan instead!

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